Google Could Bring AR Shopping Mode… On Pixel Devices

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The Google team is preparing to embrace the world of virtual shopping using augmented reality. To provide the first clues, we have the XDA team. Recently, the home of Android developers made possible to visualize Google’s future augmented-reality shopping app, which goes by the name of Google Shopping.

Okay, but how does it work ?

The first major thing of this functionality are objects like furniture – it becomes easier to understand. With Augmented Reality, users are able to see the design and size of what they are buying.

For example, imagine that you want to buy an armchair, but do not know if the model and size will be consistent with space and room chose in your home. What do you do? That’s where the new Google feature comes in – just look at the camera from the mobile to the location in question and watch the mobile as if it was already there, what do you think? Watch the video below…..

Before buying, AR compatible objects can be moved and rotated by a simple touch on the screen, but not resized. As specified by the source, AR-based Shopping Mall will be accessible through latest Google Camera a[[ on all Pixel family phones through Playground mode technology. Still, we do not know much about it……anyhow this is cool !!!

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