Google Celebrate 15 Years: Bringing New Features And New Logo

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Google Maps turned 15 years old and releases a major update with new features and the latest logo. Now, instead of the classic intersection of streets with a red mark, the icon will have a multi-colored pin.

Google Maps

5 New Features Of Google Maps

1) On the “What’s Next” tab, ratings, background information, reviews and photos of various places nearby will be available. Now it is easy to find a good restaurant, attractions or entertainment venues.

2) You can add the most necessary routes to the “Regularly” tab for further notifications.

3) The Saved tab will display your favorite places and recommendations from other users of the service. You can tell about the place you like and recommend it to others.

4) The “Add” tab allows you to quickly enter information about a new place that is not yet indicated on the map. You can immediately attach a review and photo.

5) On the Updates tab, you can find the latest recommendations based on the opinions of local Google Maps experts. Recommendations can be quickly sent to your friends and saved to your favorites list.

Google Maps now allow you to find more detailed information on the movement of public transport. For example, it is possible to learn about the workload of the subway cars and the temperature inside. Also about the availability of security cameras, as well as about the availability of devices for the movement of citizens with disabilities.

The Google Maps update for Android and iOS has already begun. New versions of applications will be available to all users.

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