Samsung Galaxy Buds gets Firmware Updates, Adds Bixby Controls and more!

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Most of the brands are removing the 3.5mm headphone jacks these days and thus people are looking for good quality wireless earphones. Apple’s Earpods have been one of the bests in this case for a long time. To counter that Samsung launched the Galaxy Buds along with Galaxy S10 and S10+ devices. The Galaxy Buds are comparatively cheaper than the Earpods and still offer great sound quality and battery life. However, things are about to become even better as the latest firmware updates for the Galaxy Buds brings many new features including the long-awaited Bixby controls.

The most important feature of this update is the ability to permanently or temporarily enable the ambient sound feature with long tap on the touchpad. Moreover, there are also improvements in the double or triple tap feature on the touchpad.

Other than updates for the touchpad, there’s a new update for Bixby as well. With this update, you’ll now be able to command Bixby to perform various tasks for you. For example, you can now ask Bixby to tell the battery status, lock the touchpad, change to a different equalizer setting and more. These are some nice features to have on board especially while commuting or doing exercises. However, the Bixby Control will only work with the English US and Korean languages for now. Support for other languages might be coming along with future updates.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

How to update your Galaxy Buds?

Updating the firmware of the device is really easy. Here’s how to download the updates.

  1. Connect your Galaxy Buds to your Smartphone.
  2. Open the Galaxy Wearables app on your phone.
  3. Once the update will be available for your Buds there should be a pop-up. Click on the pop and the update will start.
  4. You can also manually update the accessory. Go to Galaxy Buds section on the Galaxy Wearables app.
  5. Tap on About Earbuds. Then tap on Update Earbuds Software.
  6. Finally, tap on Update and Install.

You can also perform the update through your Mac or PC. For that, you’ll need the Galaxy buds manager program.

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