Future Of Huawei Without Android: USA vs China

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Huawei vs Android

Last week, the US government took the first step to prohibit the marketing of Chinese products in the country. And this week the situation got even worse. Google has been suspending commercial operations with Huawei. This change will be gradual and could threaten the partnership between the two companies.

But, how does this affects Huawei smartphone users? No worry, Huawei users can continue to use it and the updates are still somewhat uncertain. Google may continue to provide it. The problem remains for future brand launches.

Should Google really cut off supplying Android to Huawei or the giant would have to look for an alternative. However, the Huawei has been working on its own system since 2016. Huawei can also continue to use the AOSP system code without Google’s intervention.

Huawei Took Temporary Leave

The Chinese manufacturer was granted a temporary license by the US Chamber of Commerce, which allowed the company to release software updates to the current smartphones and will continue to operate in the United States until August 19. Moreover, the company also accused of spying on its 5G equipment. With the Chinese ban on the US market, it would be enough for Samsung to invest in the technology and steal the market that would belong to Huawei.

To make matters worse, there are reports that Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom, among others, would also stop selling components to Huawei. The Chinese at least have independence in some sectors, such as the production of chipsets with the Kirin line of HiSilicon.

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