Facebook’s Study App Will Pay You For Sharing Data Usage

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Facebook launches a new application called “Study” to focus on conducting market studies, which is based on a rewards program. The main aim is to offer maximum transparency about the information that will be collected from the users participating in their studies.

In addition to maximum transparency, all participating users will be rewarded, and even Facebook will try to ensure that all participants’ information is kept secure and protected. For this, Facebook collaborated a veteran company to take charge of everything that involves the registration process, the compensation to the participants and the support to the clients.

Strategy Of Survey To Improve Products

To participate in their market research studies, Facebook will invite users randomly through ads, on which interested users may register. In case the interested users are qualified to participate, they will be invited to download the application, available only for the Android platform through the Google Play Store.

Facebook Study App

However, Facebook already makes it clear that you need to share information about the applications installed, the amount of time you dedicated to using them, country, device, and type of user network.

In the studies, neither the user IDs nor passwords nor the contents will be collected. Also, Facebook agrees not to sell information to third parties, nor will they use it to direct advertisements, nor will they be linked to users’ accounts. To participate in the studies, it will be necessary to have at least 18 years of age and older. For now, the application is available to people in both the United States and India.

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