Facebook Will Pay Users For Their Voice Recordings

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Facebook will implement a program for users to make voice recordings in exchange for a small incentive. This is a feature designed to improve the transcription skills of Facebook AI.

Facebook had questionable practices to improve its voice recognition technology. A fact that was discovered last year along with other scandals that involved Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, among others.

Apart from that, Facebook will now pay users for their voice recordings. Through a program called “Pronunciation“, Facebook will select the users that apply for this activity. And to implement this feature, Facebook will use its Viewpoints app.

Users will have to follow a series of instructions to add points in the applications. For example, you will have to repeat the same phrase using different names to add about 200 points. And they can repeat the same task until they reach 1000 points and receive the payment of 5 dollars.

That is, the user can add points but cannot withdraw the money until it reaches the threshold points. In fact, the Facebook team has clarified that user participation will be private. So user recordings will be kept private and will not be part of any of Facebook’s services beyond its initial goal. At the moment, it is only available for US users over 18 who have a certain number of friends on the platform.

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