Oops…Facebook Scraped Email Data Of 1.5 Million Users

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After the issue of saving hundreds of millions of passwords in clear text, Facebook lost its control again. Yesterday the company declared that it had “unintentionally uploaded” the email contacts of 1.5 million new users starting from May 2016.

For those who signed up Facebook from March to today, may have noticed how Facebook didn’t give you the opportunity to verify your password by email. This is because a glitch of the platform caused the loading of the user’s email contacts, all automatically and without direct consent.

Facebook apologizes for this mistake and said: “This has not been shared with anyone and deleting“. In addition, all contacts that may be included in the problem will be notified shortly. Apparently, the bug has been removed.

In short, it seems that Facebook is ultimately making water from all sides. It is certainly not a “simple” year for the platform, which continues to do a tumble after another. With this, one can easily predict the future of Facebook as Alive or Died..???

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