Facebook “Police” Comes to Delhi Man’s House to Verify Aadhaar

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Recently a Delhi based Facebook user wrote a political content on his FB wall which in return gave him a big shock as a Facebook representative reached his place to verify if he is the real person who has published the post or someone else has done it from his account. The FB representative arrived at his place in with proper company identity.

Facebook “Police” Comes to Delhi Man’s House to Verify Aadhaar

“The Facebook user who published political content said that the representative can with proper Facebook identity and asked for his Aadhaar card to verify his identify for sharing the political post on the giant social network.” the distressed person told IANS

As India goes into Elections soon, Facebook is taking strict actions on people spreading fake accounts and it is said that Facebook is deleting more than 10 lakh fake accounts daily. Facebook last week deleted around 700 fake pages run for political campaigns and it is said they are going to remove more profiles and pages in coming days.

This kid of behaviour has not reported earlier in any of the country where Facebook use had to verify his identity physically. All the countries have gone through elections but no Facebook has not done any such Physical verification of any user in the past then what is the need to knock someone’s door to do this.

Legal experts say that Facebook can only deactivate or delete an account or a page but physical verification of a user is in gross violation and unwarranted under the ambit of the Information Technology Act, 2000.

If a person whats to run a political campaign then FB gives an option to verify residency of advertisers by physical verifying or sending a code via post. But knocking someones door like this is not correct.

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