Facebook Pay Is Official: A Secure Unified Payment System From Social Giant

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Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay, a unified payment system from social giant, is real and will arrive this week. Make sure, only USA people can use this feature at first. In the sense that it will work on all Facebook apps: Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Simplifying the experience in digital payments

Facebook Pay is compatible with most credit and debit cards, and even with platforms such as Paypal and Stripe. Users should only enter their payment methods, and when making payments or money transfers, just choose Facebook Pay as an option. It will prevent them from having to manually enter the data of their payment methods for each purchase they make.

To start using Facebook Pay

Within a week, users are allowed to configure Facebook Pay either on the web or through the app. Just connect payment systems and save them. You will be ready to use it when making your payments and money transfers.

With security and protection

Facebook ensures that the payment method data is stored and encrypted in a secure way. Also, they have an anti-fraud monitoring system to prevent unauthorized activities. It also allows users to protect their payment methods through an additional security layer based on a PIN or a biometric identification.

With Facebook Pay you can donate funds, make in-app purchases, buy tickets for events and pay individuals. It supports the most important credit and debit cards, and PayPal support is not missing either.

Facebook already had experience in offering reliable payment experiences since 2007. All that payments are processed in partnership with companies such as Paypal, Stripe, among others, worldwide. To investigate more aspects of the security and privacy of the new feature, Facebook offers a more detailed and specific publication in its press room.

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