Facebook New Tool To Control User Data From Other Apps

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Facebook and its platform came to the news again but this time it is good news. After facing a huge data scandal, Facebook wants to be more transparent by allowing users to know what data they share on websites. Recently, Facebook has implemented many features in controlling the data used or stored within the platform. And now, it focused on offering a tool for users to control activity outside of Facebook.

It is known that some apps and websites share data to Facebook about our activities outside the platform. So, to make full-stop, Facebook implemented a new tool that allows users to control and manage personal data. It is a new option that appears in the “Your Facebook information” section.


Once this feature is enabled, one can see a summary of all the data that Facebook receives from external sources. Also, one can stop a specific web page sending information to Facebook and therefore that data is not associated with our profile. Thus, it is possible to disconnect Facebook from external pages.

It is a step forward from Facebook that comes to silence all the voices rising against the social network. For now, this function is not available and expected to reach all users very soon. In the first stage, this Facebook tool will be implemented in Spain, Ireland, and South Korea, and then it will be extended to other countries.

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