Facebook Launches News Tab – Will Pay To Publishers Directly

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Facebook News Tab

Facebook has just announced the launch of its news platform, Facebook News. The feature is available for a few people in the US. In Facebook News, one can see the most relevant national stories of the day, and local news articles. The feature has a new tab next to the News Feed.

Mark Zuckerberg revealed the News tab today at an event in New York City. According to WallStreetJournal, Facebook has conducted a study and identified key features to make Facebook News more valuable.

  • The stories will be chosen by a team of journalists to update us throughout the day.
  • There will be customization based on the news we read, share and follow.
  • There will be thematic sections to deepen business, entertainment, health, science and technology, and sports.
  • «Your subscriptions» will be a section for people who have linked their paid news subscriptions to their Facebook account.
  • New controls to hide articles, topics, and editors that we don’t want to see.

Facebook News Tab

Facebook doesn’t want to rely solely on machine learning and technology to provide a quality news destination. That’s the reason they have people behind the selection of news that will appear. On we will have four categories: General, Thematic, Diverse and Local news. After selecting publishers, new topics are added. Other labels: include Entertainment, Health, Business, and Sports.

Registrations For News Portal

To qualify for the Facebook News portal, publishers need to register as news pages and follow the company’s publisher guidelines. Facebook will continually verify the Pages to meet eligibility criteria.

In First Phase, they will publish the local news from major metropolitan areas like New York, Los Angels, etc.. I hope, Facebook supports journalism with direct payments in exchange for high-quality journalism. This is a mutual benefit for online journalists.

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