Facebook Introduced New Security Features To Stop Fake News

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Facebook Instagram fake news

Facebook announced a new segment of features to stop spreading fake news. This new strategy is developed against fake news and carried out in the context of the 2020 US elections. And for that, they have focused on different areas. On one hand, maintain political transparency by applying a series of guidelines to the profiles and pages of the candidates and related accounts.

And on the other hand, new functions will be implemented to prevent false publications before they went viral. Following that line, from next month, Facebook and Instagram will apply more visible labels on publications cataloged as fake news.

Facebook Instagram fake news

As seen in the images, these warning labels will be displayed on the images of the publication. It looks like Twitter-style when it warns of sensitive content. The user may read that this is false information that has been checked by independent moderators.

And this same dynamic will be repeated when the user wants to share the publication. So the labels are clear and precise. Then it will be the responsibility of the user if they choose to consume these contents or share them with their contacts.

Although these publications are not deleted, they will not be shown in specific areas of the apps in order to reduce their exposure. We will see if these new measures achieve their objective in this new electoral stage.

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