How To Use The New Facebook Care Emojis (Facebook’s Coronavirus Emoji)

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Facebook has just announced a new set of emojis that people are going crazy about on the Internet and searching How to use Coronavirus Facebook Emojis. The new emojis are available for all the users as the giant social media company rolled out the new feature for everyone.

Facebook Coronavirus Emojis

A few people are finding this new emoji awkward, But we are loving the new update. Facebook keeps adding new features to attract users in some or the other way and this time the new coronavirus emoji is doing the job.

Facebook announced the new emoji on Twitter. See the tweet below by one of its employees.


The new Facebook Care Emoji is meant to signal that you care for someone. This emoji is similar to a teddy bear hugging a heart. The new emoji is seen hugging a heart and it seems like a last-minute valentines day gift.


facebook care emoji

facebook care emoji

Also, a purple throbbing heart emoji was seen on the Facebook app for few users. The emoji feels a lit awkward and guess what it somewhat resembles with Warner Brother Cartoon’s That’s all folks logo.

purple throbbing  heart emoji

Is the Facebook Care Emojis Available?

Facebook is slowly rolling out the Coronavirus care emojis to all the users. Few users have reported seeing the new emojis and in a few days, all the users are expected to see the new care emoji.

What are Care Emojis About?

Facebook introduced the emojis to communicate better online with each other. It is seen that few twitters are making fun of the new emojis rolled out by Facebook.

In the initial days, Facebook introduced the emojis to make communication easy and make it a smooth process to express how they feel about the post.

Let us know in the comment section, What do you feel about the new Facebook Care emoji.

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