Dark Mode In Gmail App: Available For Both Android And iOS Users

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Gmail Dark mode

Over the next few days, the Gmail application for smartphones will activate Dark theme. After redesigning, users can now configure Gmail with a darker interface on Android and iOS, perfect for reading emails in low light or saving battery power.

Gmail has received many changes this year. New appearance, more features and greater integration with other Google products. But one of the features most requested by users is still missing: the dark mode. Google has taken its time but finally announced that the dark theme is now available for the Gmail app. One of the most trendy advantage in dark mode is, it will save battery and helps prevent eyestrain.

Google has officially announced it via its Twitter account. The dark theme is implemented in both the Gmail app for iOS and Android. It is already available for Android 10, and in the case of iOS, for versions 11, 12 and 13. So if you have a device with these versions you can activate it and test its functions.

You can perform this action from the Device System Settings or from Settings in Gmail. One can specify that the dark theme is always activated or that it depends on the options customized in the system configuration.

So, you can activate it manually whenever you want or let it activate automatically following the device settings. This update has already begun to be implemented, but it may take weeks to reach all users with compatible devices.

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