Cool PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks to Get that Chicken Dinner

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Mobile games are the most played games in the world, there are several categories of games available in the market for you to play. Among various mobile games, PUBG is one of the trending smartphone game available for smartphone devices. This is having more than 100 million downloads in the smartphone platform including Android and iOS. Although PUBG mobile game is not easy for everyone, if you are a newcomer to this type of games, then you would require various tips and tricks in order to succeed in the game. PUBG mobile game is basically a battle royale game, you have to survive till the last to win the game and you will be awarded chicken dinner.

PUBG Game Settings:

Before you start playing the PUBG mobile game on your smartphone devices, you need to configure a few settings. As not all smartphone devices are having similar performance, in order to play the game smoothly you need to consider this below mentioned settings.


  1. Select the View:

PUBG mobile game can be played in two types of view, you can either choose third-person perspective for the first-person perspective. To configure the game you need to tap on the option which is available below the start button. On that page, you will be able to select the TPP or third person perspective and FPP or first-person perspective.

  1. Graphics Quality:

The next thing you need to select on the PUBG mobile game is the graphics quality. Not all smartphone devices are having the capability of running high-quality graphics. Although the game automatically selects the graphics quality according to your smartphone device. Even on any of the case, you are facing lag or frames are dropping then you can change the graphics settings to lower settings. You can also try increasing the graphics quality increase your device supports high graphics. Using the high graphics quality will make you easier to spot enemies in the game.

  1. Peak Fire:

Go to the settings of the PUBG mobile game by tapping on the gear icon on the top right corner. on the next page from the left side of the menu tap on the basic option. Now from there enable the peek fire option, by enabling this setting you will be able to Peek and shoot opponents even if you are behind a cover. This will lower the chance of exposing yourself and still less likely to get shot in this situation. Although opponent will be able to see your head so you need to use the settings carefully in the game.

  1. Aiming Down Sights with Gyroscope:

If your smartphone device is having a gyroscope, then you will be able to aim down the sights with the help of it. To enable this setting, you need to go to the settings of the PUBG mobile game and selective basic option. On that page, you will get to see the gyroscope option, select the scope on an option from there. By enabling the settings, you will be able to use the gyroscope ones your using the scope in the game. You can also set it as always on ritual enable the gyroscope to use in the entire game even if you are not using the scope. You just need to move your phone in order to am the opponents, no need to touch and drag on the screen in order to aim the opponent to shoot them.

  1. Aim Assist:

Enable the Aim Assist option which will make you easier to aim accurately in the game. Basically, this feature is useful for smartphone touch screen devices. In touch screen, it is difficult to aim accurately for shooting your opponents, by enabling the settings will help you to quickly target the enemies and shot down them. To enable the aim assist, open the settings of the PUBG mobile game and select the basic option. On the next page, you will get to see the message option you just need to tap on the enable option to enable it.

  1. Left Side Fire Button:

You need to enable the left side fire button; it will be much helpful in case you are using the scope in the game. You can easily use the right side of your screen to aim at the enemies and use the left side fire button to shoot them. To enable the settings, you need to go to the settings of the PUBG mobile game and go to the basic page. On that page you need to locate the display left side fire button, select the always on option and you will be able to use the left side fire button in the game. As aiming and shooting by using the same side of the screen can be difficult, using the left side fire button will give you easy access to shooting

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PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks:

Use this following PUBG mobile tips and tricks to successfully win the match and get the chicken dinner.

  1. Headphones for Hearing Enemy Footsteps:

Most of the shooting type games, PUBG also uses the directional audio which can be used for getting aware of the enemy’s location. Although this kind of directional sound might not be a difference If you are using the stereo speaker. The best way to experience the directional audio is by using headphones while playing the game. You can concentrate on the direction audios like the footstep of the enemy, firing at a distance and various other audios in the game.

  1. Survival in the Red Zone:

In the PUBG mobile game, random regions are marked as Red zone. The red zones are marked for the location where the air strike will take place which may kill you directly. in most of the cases, players are stuck in the red zone and die due to the air strike. In order to survive in the red zone, the best way is to get inside of a building. Do not try to run outside the red zone if the air strike has already started, buildings will not get destroyed by the air strike so it is the safest place for you to stay.

  1. Using the Map:

Most of the players playing the PUBG mobile game usually run for the safe zone and does not use the map provided in the game. Maps are a very important thing to use in the game, it doesn’t matter which location you are using as the battleground to play. Map initially indicates the red zone as well as you will be able to see how much far is the safe zone from you. Not only that, but maps also gives the indication of vehicles, footsteps and even direction of the gun fires on the mobile version of the game.

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks Maps

  1. Red Zone Strategy:

Sometimes red zone can be also used as a strategy, in case red zone has already started and you are inside a building then the noise can cover up the steps while looting the loot in the building. In few the case, you can even see the players running away from the red zone, you can shoot them while the gunfire noise will be covered up by the airstrike.

  1. Mute Team Mates:

If your playing duo or squad mode, then you should mute the squadmates who are always talking rubbish for making annoying noises. Unnecessary noise can give your disadvantage in playing the game, the best ways to nude them by tapping on the speaker icon on the screen and from the dropdown menu select the member who you want to meet in the game. You can even mute all the squad made at ones, clear audio is much needed for winning the game.

  1. Hiding Inside the Vehicles:

You can hide inside the vehicle and be seated on the co-driver seat, as sitting on that’s it will not turn on the vehicle. In most of the cases turned off vehicles much avoided as openings even think that this vehicle is empty. Although remember that, other opponents can see you even if you want not turning on the vehicle. The best strategies to park the vehicle in somewhere safe, as parking in the open space will give them the advantage to see you and knock you out of the game.

  1. Faster Healing Technique:

In case you are healing, you can start moving when the healing is on 0.5 seconds. While you are on 0.5 seconds of healing, the healing process will not get cancelled while you will be able to move before the complete healing time. This can be used as the head start for running quickly in a massive firefight

Wrapping Things Up:

PUBG mobile is the best online multiplayer shooting game available for smartphone devices. This game can be downloaded in every smartphone device and play the game like a pro. We have provided the complete information about various PUBG tips and tricks which will help you to who wins the match and get the chicken dinner. Share this useful article with others, so that take it to use these instructions for winning the game in the PUBG mobile.

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