Chrome For Android Has Lite Mode Feature: Faster And Reduce Data Usage

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Google Chrome Android

Google Chrome for Android has a new feature called “Lite mode“. This feature promises to load web pages faster and reduce data usage by up to 60%. This is an option that has been present on the desktop version. Now the Android browser will consume less data, thanks to the automatic deferred loading of images and iframes.

How The Lite Mode Feature Works

Whenever browsing a web page, it takes some time to load images, videos or documents and in some cases, they were not displayed on the screen. Now with the Lite mode, the multimedia elements will be downloaded on-demand as they have to be displayed.

Google Chrome Android

Apart from the tests conducted by Google, deferred load helps reduce network data usage and memory usage. The native deferred load of images and iframes reduces approximately 10% of the bytes downloaded per page for 75% of users. And 8% in bytes downloaded for the average user. It also improves by 0.7% on average the use of memory on web pages.

To get this feature, you just have to follow the path Go to Settings → Lite mode and activate this data saving. The data savings will depend on our type of network. Google will compress the images and videos through its servers so that a reduced version of the website arrives. It is also an excellent option for users who live in areas with slow or unstable internet connections.

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