China’s New Fever, Deepfake Zao App Fakes Videos Easily

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Zao deepfake face-swapping app

Zao, a new application that comes from China is raising its reputation as a foam. It allows you to exchange the face of movie celebrities from a photo of you. The app in question has landed under the name of ZAO. We have already been able to see what it can offer in a few seconds. You can see yourself as if you were Leonardo DiCaprio in the Titanic movie, or as Game of Thrones characters and more. These are its characteristics and operation.

How Zao app works ?

You just have to take a look at the videos presented in the post that shows how the app works. Zao is developed by Momo in China just a couple of days ago. It has been created with the advantage that you can put your face on that of celebrities as if it was you who is starring in the scene, be it a movie or even in a video game.

As indicated by Gizmodo, only one photo and 8 seconds clip are needed to generate the result in the video. We still do not know the number of scenes or movies in which expressions can be modified thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, but it is expected that it will increase progressively.

In addition, it has been revealed that for ZAO is only available for iOS mobiles in the Chinese region, although we are sure that it can soon be found free for Android users.

Zao deepfake face-swapping app

On the other hand, it can also be seen as another possible attack on user security. According to the developer’s permissions, the customer is accepting that the company can use their photos freely and for free. This is to place in the spotlight compared to what happened with FaceApp. And if that were not enough, in applications like WeChat restrictions have already been placed on people who use ZAO.

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