CES 2020: What To Expect At World’s Biggest Technology Event

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The CES 2020 is a new edition of the largest and most influential technology event in the world. It is now executed by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) that will take place between January 7 and 10 in Las Vegas. In this event, great exponents of the technological world will exhibit their innovative presentations.

Over 4500 exhibitors with 20,000 tech products presented here. The products mostly include 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, smart cities, and resilience, sports, robotics, cryptocurrencies and more. CES 2020 is expected to receive more than 170 thousand attendees, 300 conference sessions with 1100 speakers and more than 1200 new companies over 45 countries.

What To Expect From CES 2020 Event

CES 2020

One of the companies that always makes noise with its ads in this event is Samsung. This year the company will present a new line of televisions, presumably 4K and 8K, without bezels and with QLED technology. In addition, they will surprise us with the Galaxy S20 series with a selfie type virtual keyboard.

Sony has tended to dedicate its appearances in this event with its new television proposals. However, with the PlayStation 5 peeking over the horizon, one can expect a little wink during the participation of the Japanese multinational.

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter will also have their space. Mark Zuckerberg’s company probably uses his grandstand to get away from the negative image detached from his scandals of recent times, betting on his Oculus and Portal products. The network of 280 characters, on the other hand, will highlight its alliances in information and communication.

Qualcomm apparently already presented its main novelties at its own conference. In spite of that, as long as they don’t have any surprises up their sleeves for this occasion. The ETUC is the ideal space to materialize those ads in concrete solutions for consumers, especially in regards to 5G and the Internet of Things.

The announcement of Apple’s first participation in this convention drew attention. They mainly focussed on the launch of HomeKit, a customized home automation system. The company will not present new hardware in this instance.

Nvidia, a company that always appears in the CES event, this year will not carry out direct interventions, limiting its participation only through its partners.

CES 2020

LG, a South Korean company that draws huge attention every year, will present the most important novelties of the year. This year the ads would focus on three models of laptops and a two-in-one computer, high-fidelity home sound equipment and a new range of 8K TVs.

Latest News Announced By CES 2020

This time, CES 2020 event will provide a wide-open space area for 1500 new exhibitors. In addition, new themes will feature dedicated spaces: gaming and eSports; travel and tourism; brands that take advantage of technology voice. Of course, drones and their innovations also exhibited.

In addition, space will be open for debate among global policymakers to deal with issues that relate to innovations in transportation, world trade, medical care, and others.

The World Bank will present a global technological challenge that will call on companies from around the world to create or present solutions focused on three key areas. Like health, gender barriers, and technologies that allow communities to be resilient.

This convention will also emphasize diversity and inclusion. Also, the conversation about gender equality will have its own space, the FQ Lounge, where conversations will be developed focusing on this topic and its influence on the environment. Finally, the event will highlight the innovations of health, sex technology, and well-being.

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