Top 10 Best TikTok Alternatives to Make Videos! Apps Like TikTok

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Searching for TikTok alternatives and Obsessed with TikTok? Can’t live without making a video for your TikTok account? If you are a true TikTok follower or creator then you might be knowing now that TikTok is banned in India which is quite a sad thing because it was an income medium for many.

People think that creating videos on TikTok is a waste of time, but it is not actually true! Wondering why? Because, there are talented actors, singers and entertainers in India who are really god-gifted but because of the situations they live in they are not able to follow the path of their dreams. So, applications like TikTok was acting as a platform for those who wanted the world to know their talent.

No doubt, using every application or anything beyond a limit is called addiction but banning the platform is not the solution according to many! However, the good thing is, we have the list of Top 10 Alternatives of TikTok exclusively for you that you can download in your device and keep making audience happy.

So, without wasting a second let’s start and see which are the top 10 alternatives of TikTok:

Top 10 Best TikTok Alternatives:

tiktok alternatives

So, without wasting a second let’s start and see which are the top 10 alternatives of TikTok so that you can make new videos for your followers on the world of internet.

1) Vigo Video:

vigo video

Vigo Video is definitely not as amazing as Tik tok but it is quite similar to it. Using Vigo Video you can create videos in the way you like and the limitation per video is of 15 seconds. It is assured that if you will make videos using this application, you will be getting a more clear, smoother and attractive video of yourself. Apart from that, you can also go live with your followers and you can meet new people and make new friends. So, bid good bye to Tik Tok and say Hi to Vigo Video. Below are some features of Vigo Video that make this app a plus!


  • Special effects in camera
  • Large music library
  • Can create slideshows with ease

2) LIKE App:


Oops, how can we forget such an amazing app that was already competing with Tik Tok and launched before it too? LIKE app is having an endless collection of dialogues that you can lip-sing and create your own videos using various kind of filters. Plus, you can also adjust the speed of your videos as per your requirement. So, what are you waiting for? Open Google play store or App store now and download LIKE app in your device and start creating videos.


  • Set video’s volume as needed.
  • Inbuilt magic filter of music
  • Crop, trim and merge your videos.
  • Share your videos on your social media accounts.

3) Dubsmash:


One of the most superior alternatives of Tik Tok is dubsmash. Dubsmash was the very first video making application that was launched and people were enjoying making videos on it but then Tik Tok came as a storm and took over the application by becoming the most popular short video creating application. Now, if you are wondering what you can do then the solution is in front of you itself. Download Dubsmash again and start creating video.


  • Add stickers to your videos
  • Apply text to your videos
  • Check out your friends’ videos
  • Make new friends

4) Firework:

Firework videos

Having a good range of video editing options such as cropping, trimming, cutting, duplicate and more you can use Firework video creating application as an alternative to Tik Tok. You can create videos just by doing lip-singing. All you need to do is pick-up the song or dialogue that you like and create video. You can also create single videos or videos with your buddies!


  • Create unique music videos
  • Collab with your friends
  • Participate in weekly challenges
  • Win cash prizes

5) KWAI:

kwai videos

If you will use KWAI app to make videos, you will be able to apply many different filters on it such as different kinds of text fonts, cute and cool stickers, 4D motion effects and more. Apart from this, you can also trim your video if you want to shorten it and if you one of them who only like to view videos then this option is available for you.


  • Apply animated filters
  • Use dynamic stickers
  • Personalize your news
  • The story uploaded on KWAI stays for complete 48 hours

6) Cheez:

Cheez app

Cheez is also considered as one of the best alternatives of Tik Tok that can be used in order to create videos. Using Cheez, one can create videos in various genres as per their likes. Also, users can share their video on their social media accounts if they want to.


  • Earn rewards by getting most comments on your videos
  • Earn prizes for watching videos
  • Challenge your buddies

7) Funimate:

Funimate app

If you are looking for something different that is not at all similar to Tik Tok then you should try this Funimate application. Using funimate you can make slow motion videos, and different video compilations can also be done.


  • Merge more than 1 video
  • Include 20 different video effects
  • Share videos with your friends

8) Triller:

Triller app

Built on an auto-editing algorithm, you can also use Triller in order to create videos using same methods as Tik Tok. The good thing about this application is that you can also find popular celebrities like Selena Gomez and more on this app. They are also very much fond of this application and they post their videos too.


  • Apply 50 different filters
  • Collab with your friends
  • Share your videos
  • Edit your videos

9) Lomotif:

Lomotif music video app

Another best alternative to TikTok is Lomotif. When this app was launched, it was only available for iOS devices but now it is also available on Google Play Store so now you can directly download it. It also includes a built-in editor using which you can edit your videos and make it in such a way that you can get more and more followers. Some features of this app are as follows:


  • Apply cool filters
  • Find and make new friends
  • Add photos and create photo collages
  • Edit your video by trimming and cutting it.

10) Flipagram:

Flipagram videos

Flipagram is not a totally video creating app like TikTok but to the most it is basically a video editing app on which you can record videos and edit it as per your requirement.


  • Robust editing tools
  • Amazing collection of filters and other effects

Wrapping Up about Best TikTok Alternatives

tiktok alternatives

So, we have finally covered the top 10 TikTok Alternatives and we hope that you will choose the best one from the link. If you want this world to know how talented you are and you deserve to be at some other place where you cannot reach right now then these apps can really help you. Don’t get serious, just stay happy, feel positive vibes and enjoy your life!

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