Top 10 Best Shot Timer Apps for Android in 2020

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Shot timer apps came into existence because of the need for shooters to record their time while shooting a shot. As we all know, there are shot timers available, but not everyone wants to spend on a cranny tool like it.

In today’s world, everybody carries a phone wherever they go. So why not make them useful for shooters by making them work as shot timers. These apps that are mentioned below are tested and reviewed by experts. Almost, all the apps are free, and it is not necessary that being free makes them any less functional or not worthy. They are an excellent help for people who are not looking to spend a lot to buy shot timer tools.

10 best shot timer apps for Android

Shot timer apps are a saviour to the people as they are pocket-friendly and can work as efficiently as a shot timer tools work. They record the accurate time of the shot when it is fired from the gun upon listening to the shot time. It marks the time of shot after a shot without any obstructions.

1) IPSC Shot Timer

IST is a notably small program. After opening the app, you see the timer, a start button, other tools and calibrations. These features present in the app can efficiently operate the shot timer. You have to make small changes in the noise, the beep delay and echo delay. The scoring method can be Comstock, Virginia, and Par Time.

IST is an excellent app for dry fire. In this area, you only have to adjust the auto calibrations. It accurately picks up the gun sound and produces a precise timing.

In a live fire, this app is not that efficient. It encounters a lot of problems when operated in live fire. It fails to pick up gunfire here, so timings are very vague and uncertain.

So to conclude, it works well in Dry fire than Live Fire.

IPSC Shot Timer
IPSC Shot Timer
Developer: Stoliarov Ivan
Price: Free

2) Splits

Splits have a basic presentation. All the features are useful and can be adjusted. It has no automatic calibrations to it. There is some amount of information on the main screen, which is kind of helpful. Settings are somewhat challenging to make so memorize where to get a dry fire and live fire as per your needs.

You can adjust the sensitivity. You also cannot see the timing of the last shot. Apart from functioning just as a timer, it also records your data.

It works well for both Live Fire and Dry Fire. It does not work that well as a shot timer tool, but it is free, so no argument here. It is an incredible program and does much more than expected from it.

Splits - Shot Timer
Splits - Shot Timer
Developer: CSL1911A1
Price: Free+

3) Dry Fire Par Time Tracker

It is a superior app to other par timers because:

– It repeats its exercise without the need of pressing the start button.

– It stores the history of past performance.

– Creates a graph of your performance

– Has a database of exercises.

– Has a basic format. Only Par Time, Delay and number of steps are required.

– It also supports grouping drills for Dry Fire. It recalls the sets as per the exercises you perform regularly.

It is the most popular training tool in the market.

Dry Fire Par Time Tracker
Dry Fire Par Time Tracker
Developer: CSL1911A1
Price: Free+

4) Shooter Timer

It is a countdown timer for shooters. It is a tool that enables time-based disciplines on your own. The pre-time is adjustable before the countdown even starts. It has the following functions:

– Adjustable Pre-timer

– Saveable countdown

– Optional start, stop and half time signal tone

– Optional start, stop and half time vibration.

Developer: Klaus Henning
Price: Free

5) 25m Pistol Timer

A training timer based app for a range of 25m. It comes with several additional features like shot detection, choice of defining custom events options for the voice commands and optional beeps/vibration when the target shifts. The timer detects your shots and shows you a series of time. You can connect two or more devices via Bluetooth and control the targets and lights from one phone and timer from the other phone.

25m Pistol Timer
25m Pistol Timer
Developer: ToTheZeroth
Price: Free


It is a paid app amongst many free apps. It is a program that reacts to gunshot sounds and records time at the time of its occurrence. It provides with a start and a stop signal.

It is the best piece of firearms training gear. This app helps you accurately to measure your shooting skills. It will let you know how accurate your performance is and judges you correctly for you to improve.

Developer: Vstd
Price: $3.49

7) Dry Practice Drill

An app for handgun training and practice sessions. A distinctive feature of this app is that it has preloaded Foresight drills along with times. The “reps” feature allows us to repeat the course several times. To create, edit, delete the exercises we can utilize the “GO PRO” version. The latest feature included in this application is the string support, which helps in slowly increasing the pressure applied for better and faster performance. Keep all safety precautions in mind while performing dry fire practice. The weapon and your surrounding should be free from all ammunition.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

8) PPC Timer

PPC stands for Precision Pistol Competition. It fits both ranges of officers and competitors. It has a score calculator. It supports the following:

– 1500 Revolver, Semi-Automatic.

– Distinguished revolver.

– Off Duty Semi-Automatic

– Service revolver

– Stock Semi-Automatic

– Poice Pistol 1

– NPA Service Pistol B

– Standard 1200

PPC Timer
PPC Timer
Developer: Illsley
Price: Free

9) Shoot Utilities IPSC-USPSA

This shot timer app for android enables you to calculate the Par factor, hit factor and enhances your talent by PAR timer. You can save your results and also take averages. You can export your stored data or database to excel or an email to share your achievement with your close ones. The PAR timer dry drill function in this app empowers you to practice predefined exercises or your performance.

Shoot utilities IPSC - USPSA
Shoot utilities IPSC - USPSA
Developer: Microngames
Price: Free+

10) Shot and Duel Timer Pro

It is a significant help for practising in many pistol disciplines. The app guides you through several steps. It is a paid app, so it generally has fewer downloads but is an efficient one. It has an attractive UI which is easy to make settings from. It has high precision and is recommended. The app is capable of recording short series too. It makes timing diagram according to your performance. You can always have a timing setting done according to your needs. You can have your customized ringtones as notifications. The result is not only provided in a plain text but also a CSV file. So that they can be transported into an evaluation program.

Shot and Duel Timer Pro
Shot and Duel Timer Pro

Final Words on Best Shot Timer Apps for Android

It is known, by now, that the shot timer apps do not work as efficiently as the shot timer works, but they are massive saver on your pockets. They can solve a lot of money. Although they lack one or two feature each, they can be used at this price.

Shot timer apps are beneficial for those who want to practice and do not have a shot timer tool. It has all the features that a shot timer has. It records time, and giver performance checks now and then. It is safe to say that Shot timer apps for android are quite amazing for the features they provide and do a lot better than expected from them.

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