Top 10 Best Racing Games for Android in 2020

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Are you passionate about racing? Love to race with your friends and looking for the best racing games for android? We all love playing games especially when it comes to racing games on smartphone as we can enjoy the game any where at any time. After PSP, playing games on smartphones has become very popular amongst young generation. Scroll down and read the complete guide to find out the list of  best racing games for android. Download them and share with your friends too.

Games are a medium through which we can relax a bit, so you must take out some time from your busy schedule and play these kinds of relaxing and fun games which can convert your boring day into a good one!

Top 10 Best Racing Games for Android:

The below list is a mixture of top-level racing game plus low-level racing games of both paid and free versions. So, here you will definelty find what you are looking for! But if you want to feel the complete user experience then it is recommended that you must go with the paid apps.

1) Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme for android racing game

Boys are always crazy about racing games, and if you think you are fall into this category too and looking forward to download best racing games for android then you must check out Asphalt Xtreme.

Developed as an off-road racer game, Asphalt Xtreme is completely different from Asphalt 9. In this game, players can choose the track as per their likings and apart from this there are also multiple type of bikes and other racing vehicles that they can choose. Total number of vehicles are 35, it has 500 mastery challenges and more than 400 career events too. So, if you will download this game, you will surely enjoy!

2) Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 Legends

One of the latest racing games that is available on Google Play Store as a freemium is Asphalt 9: Legends. Having amazing and excellent graphics, solid mechanics and non-beatable dimensions, the game includes more than 800 events in which you can participate. Plus, you can also become a part of monthly and weekly events.

Talking about vehicles, Asphalt 9 Legends have more than 50 cars that you can unlock after reaching at a certain level or scoring some certain amount of points. The only sad thing about this fantastic game is, currently it is not available in offline mode. If you want to play this game then you need to have an internet connection.

3) Drag Racing

drag racing for android

Another good racing game that you can enjoy in your android device is drag racing. Though it is not a much popular racing game but it has a different fan base. You can find controls located properly, good graphics, smooth touch and multiple modes to play the game. So, its time to get back to enjoying the good old days by downloading drag racing which is still considered as one of the best racing games for android smartphones!

4) Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase for android

When we look back in 2015, Horizon chase was one of the topmost played racing games and still, it is. Having more than a dozen tracks, multiple levels, fabulous bikes, and cars, you can enjoy this game whenever you want to. Even graphics of this game won’t trouble you! It is a paid application, so, if you want to download it you need to pay $2.99 from your pocket but yes the plus point it you can try the free version to have an experience so that you can decide whether it is worth spending penny behind this game or not.

According to the sources, the developers of these games are now adding more features that will take this game to a different level. We hope that we will be able to check out the newly added functionality soon!

5) GT Racing 2

GT Racing 2 best car racing games for android

When GT Racing 2 was launched and is one of the best games for android. Also, it was not getting as many downloads as expected but after played by many, people started downloading it. The game allows you to drive 70+ cars on more than 10 tracks and it also have events of a 1000 numbers and weekly challenges. Download the game, compete with different players and leave your mark!

Also, we have got lost of best Football games for Android which you would like if you are a true soccer fan.

6) Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing for android

Hill climb racing, a racing game loved by kids to old people. Hill climb racing is a quite smooth game in which there is no limit of levels or winning or losing. It is just a simple racing game in which your target is to reach up to a meter to cross the level. There are different modes in which you can play, you can buy cars, bikes and other vehicles from the coin you collect while driving. It is a game that you can enjoy anywhere anytime!

7) Dirt Trackin

Dirt Trackin best racing games for android

If you are looking for the best racing games for android which is available as a paid version then you can go with Dirt Trackin. In order to download this game, you need to pay an amount of $2.99 and then only you will get it in your device. You can choose from 10+ tracks, 20+ cars to race and you can also change the control settings as per your requirements.

8) CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 for android

If you are a true fan of racing games then you must be knowing about how amazing the CSR Racing 2 game is. The moment it launched, it dragged all the eyes towards it because of its features such as the good amount of race tracks, camping modes and more. You can challenge your opponents in online mode and play with them if you want to. Having good number of cars and other vehicles you can win the race or you can also collect more rewards by winning races.

9) Grand Prix Story

Grand Prix Story

A not so good game but an average racing game, though good enough for kids, you can download Grand Prix Story racing game if you want to play just a normal racing game. The graphics, controls, screen can’t compete with the level of Asphalt but yet it is a simple and kind of cute racing game that you can have in your device.

10) Motorsport Manager Mobile 3:

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 for android

Last but not the least, a paid game of $3.99 is motorsport manage mobile 3 which you can play with your friends. Having a good collection of levels and cars, bikes, you can even enjoy this multiplayer game with your buddies. So, download it now!

Wrapping Up on Best Racing games for Android

So, what are you waiting for? Start racing with your friends and show them that you are a master in any kind of racing game! If we have missed any racing games which is very popular then kindly comment below we will be happy to add it to the list. Keep following our site for latest updates on Android, Smartphones and Gadgets.

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