10 Best PSP Games For Android in 2020 (PPSSPP) You Must Download

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PSP Games For Android (PPSSPP): Games have been such an essential part of people’s lives. They are scientifically proven to sharpen one’s mind, reflexes, and thinking abilities. Gaming is no more a mere source of entertainment. In the current generation, gaming is done at different levels and standards which encourages the best gamers to use it as a career option.

Though it sounds unsecured or extraordinary, it is true, and we have gamers all around the world. We can differentiate them as PC gamers, console gamers, specific high-end intense gamers, PSP gamers, and more recently, mobile gamers have discovered their importance with PUBG as a very engaging game at world level.

However, some gamers go a step ahead and come up with amazing content that requires playing PSP games for android. This requires a little backend work as playing PSP games on android is not the most orthodox way to play them.

There are a bunch of emulators available on the internet that can give the same experience as that of a PSP on your android device. The best-known one is PPSSPP. It comes up as a strong keyword result when you search for emulators that perform this particular task. So to begin with you can install this emulator right away.


We are going to list the top 10 best PSP games for android, which will include a variety of games to match with everyone’s interest.

1) God Of War – Ghost Of Sparta

God of war is probably the best game you can play on your Android device like a PSP game. It was developed and distributed by Dawn and Santa Monica studio, an SCE company that is known for its adventurous storylines and ancient graphics. It is an action game that best works in third person mode. Even though the game was originally launched in November of 2010, it is still a thrilling experience to use on a smaller device.

The handheld experience on PSP received a heavy response from the audience. When found, android devices. Because of the originality in graphics and astonishing storyline, it is ranked number one on our list of PSP games on android.

God of war is a chronological game. The ghost of Sparta is 6th in the line of the series and shall be treated as the 4th in terms of story and action. A major part of this game is designed in Atlantis.

2) Assassin’s Creed: BloodLines

Assassin’s creed is another game that is rather heavy but can be played on your android device using an emulator. The adventure-action game is among the most famous games on any list and has amazing critics and response from the crowd. The game is developed by Ubisoft Montreal.

The title inherits similar graphics, gameplay, and control as that of Assasin’s Creed game series. The game was initially described as tough to control not only because of emulator transition but on any device. But later it emerged as one of the best games in the category.

3) Killzone: Liberation

Killzone is a more decently developed game that falls in the “shoot them up” category that is among the most liked time-killing division of heavy gaming. Killzone: Liberation is the sequel of original Killzone which is extended as a 2 months timeline extension within the game. It depicts the continuity after the original part was ended in the gaming world.

The game is developed by Guerrilla Games who are famous for their game handling capacities. Handling of this game is one of the key reasons that this game has received such a heavy responsibility on android devices.

4) God of War: Chains of Olympus

God of war is more prominently treated as the 3rd game in the series of GOW. It was released much later, but it connected the dots as a missing part of this wide storyline that is treated as a prequel. It represents the time when Kratos, the protagonist of the series, starts his war against gods and starts the journey of this character.

The game looks stunning on PSP. The graphics are just as good as any other part of GOW series. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that in terms of quality, the chain of Olympus is as good as the Ghost of Sparta. It is amazing to handle it on a good screen that is also comfortable. If you want to explore Greek mythology in the current world, then you don’t have to think twice. Solving this game is a walkthrough that will excite you.


Iron Man is one character that wouldn’t need any in-depth introduction. The famous character who has ruled on the hearts of the audience in comics and movies is also among the favorite in the concerned category. The game is entirely a reflection of the movie with the same title.

The game includes two main protagonists. One is the iron man himself, and the other is his best friend, the war machine. The war machine is one character who has been there since the very beginning, and the game allows you to play as both an iron man and him. You find iron man Mark suits in the game that give goosebumps to his fans.

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6) Spider-Man 2

On number 6, we have the most controversial and popular character of the Marvel universe, Spiderman. Stan Lee, who happens to be the most famous creator of Marvel characters, loved Spiderman for his diverse stories. You should read comics if you want to know more.

Playing this game on your android device using PPSSPP is one of the most pleasant experiences. It has no diversions from the original movie story and tries to signify the importance of this game. Undoubtedly it can be rated among the most popular games because of the character’s popularity. It is not as heavy as the top couple of games but is surely visually beautiful.

7) Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 is more unorthodox games which are for fan satisfaction. It is not a complete diversion from movies but is made for gamer’s interest. It is filled with action and fights which include extraordinary scenes in the city.

It involves a lot of swinging ad moves which give your character the independence to fight freestyle. The handling will still look the same, but you will surely get some ‘wow’ moments in the many fighting scenes involved in the game timeline. It is a great game to play on the emulator, and you won’t face any issues what so ever.

8) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

There isn’t one gamer who hasn’t played GTA. GTA is a unique name in the gaming industry that dethrones almost anything that comes above it. It is used as the testing game to push the limits of many consoles, but the vice city stories is a more humble part of it. The game is famous for its free-roam, and the more recent parts are extremely famous in the community.

For an android device, the emulator prefers you to play it with a third-person perspective in both storylines and shooting action. It is a great participation game to engage yourself.

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9) Dragon Ball Z

Another very famous character that is considered to have some of the strongest in the entangled universe is Dragon ball Z. It is surely a must-watch anime for fans, but the reviews tell that playing this is not just nostalgia but a lot more. It is designed in a much superior way and is one of the best choices to play on android devices with PPSSPP.

Gamers love it, and the gameplay is very intense yet graphically lighter. The game sounds complement its visuals so that gamers can appreciate the famous game fights.

10) Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

A very famous game on different devices, which has missions packed with adventures and action. Metal gear solid is an online game evolved by Kojima productions.

There is a lot of mission that might not demand you to go in a particular timeline at certain instants. Meaning that the missions can be chosen from the chart. The game is very narrative, and we suggest you go through the walkthrough on youtube to understand graphics intensity.

Because of its dense locations and adventurous setting, it is better to know the right settings for the game. Better visuals, color schemes, and sensitivity would help a lot, and your gaming would be smoother with this.

Final Words on best PSP games for Android

There are a lot of games that can be played on android devices using emulators. PPSSPP is still highly-recommended because it is secured and used by a lot of gamers.

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A lot of games gained popularity years later because of emulators. The experience of playing heavy games on toned-down devices is not very bad if the device has decent specifications.

Heating issues can be a threat if you are short on RAM, but otherwise, the emulator does the job irrespective of what the game is. Adventure, action, and shooting games have gained prominence as emulator games. What is your favorite game to play using an emulator?

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