Top 10 Best Multiplayer Games For Android in 2020

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Android games have been getting immense attention lately. Different categories of games that are present in the play store have become extremely popular. These games have been played even at a professional level and as a friend’s time killer. While there are a lot of games that fall in action, arcade, board, shooting categories, but multiplayer games have separate prominence. They have brought a revolution in the perception of people towards android games.

Top 10 Best Multiplayer Games for Android

Getting addicted to android games might be a scenario, but these games also work towards mental development. It increases reflex and focuses, which can take you to professional gaming standards.


Hands down the best android game that is available on the play store would be PUBG. Player’s unknown battlegrounds are the most popular game irrespective of the categories. There have been a lot of games in the past and even now that gain popularity and are played at a good level. YouTubers like Mortal and even Carryminati have brought a lot of attention to the game.

The game can be played individually and also in teams of 2s and 4s. The last man standing wins, and it takes adventurous wars before you can reach that final circle in PUBG.

2) Asphalt 9 – legends

Asphalt is a series of many games that are owned by Gameloft. Gameloft is by far one of the most renowned game makers around the globe and asphalt racing game series is their best production for android devices. The Asphalt 9 – Legends is the latest version of Asphalt which has all the upgraded graphics and locations. Asphalt is a premium graphics game, which is known for its supercars and tracks.

This version is packed with challenges and better players. Asphalt is one game that you can get better at by playing it for longer times. Hence it secures the spot on this list. A famous location like Rio and Brazil are now expanded to much more.

Asphalt is the best racing games for Android which all games lovers should play once.

3) Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is a first-person shooter game. It also is a production of Gameloft. It was originally released in 2014 and has had updates since which gives it the shape that it is in currently. It has had a series of games, and the ones who have played any of them previously will find the storyline obvious and gameplay familiar. The graphics are much better for this version.

Though it might feel a little heavy, it has almost zero frame drops if you have a decent smartphone

4) Mini Militia

A game that is capable of engaging 6 or even 12 players online using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks. It has tutorial gaming mode which teaches you to build strategies. The mini militia has quite a few maps to play in and the flight shoot and kills game has respawning to make it last longer.

The character is ranked and upgraded with your skills. Winning is everything in this game, and the combat is everlasting.

5) Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is another famous name that has been around for years now. It is an amazing strategy game that was among the trendsetters of strategy adventure games. For those who don’t know, it is a kingdom building game that has very interesting stages of being reached. There are the main building, land acquisition and also army building that will help you to attack and defend your kingdom against other kingdoms.

If you go on youtube, you can find people flaunting about their kingdoms which looks insanely attractive.

6) Nova Legacy

One of the very few 3-D sci-fi games that are available for android devices. Nova Legacy is a heavy and graphics-intensive game that has been killing it for high-end android gamers. You can customize your character with in-app purchases and wins that will reward you.

The graphics and controls will give you pc level gaming interests. Plasma guns and devastating force is something that android games usually miss on. But Nova legacy packs it all in a commendable android game.

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7) Critical Ops

Critical ops is a shooting game with nothing too fancy like its rivals. It has quite a few terrorist based missions that require you to eliminate the enemy and proceed in the game. The multiplayer game mode is the most entertaining part of the game wherein a lot of friends can coordinate and explore the other side of the game. MC5 is easily one of the best android games because of how well it is optimized.

8) Call of Duty

A first-person shooting game which is just as famous as any other title game on this list. The entire gaming series is developed and distributed by Infinity ward. The beginning of this series goes back to 2003, and the rest is gaming history. Call of duty is one game that you will find professional gamers playing at every platform. It is tough and requires more than just simple strategies to play.

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9) Adventure Quest 3D

Adventure quest 3D is among the newer mobile games that have been able to gain popularity. It is a great MMORPG. It has tried to deviate from the orthodox gaming style of its categories and added unexpected improvements in its enemies and modes. It has cross-platform support and can be played on both mobile devices as well as pc. Enjoy the various bosses, dungeons, and quests to do.

10) Riptide GP

If you ever thought of how Asphalt would look in the water, then Riptide has killed it. A game with armored riders in hydro jet racing is all it takes to pump up the gaming experience. It might also have a paid version, but you find almost everything in the free game. Dodging cops and flooded ruins, you get everything in this game to race against other online players in the same league.

Final Words on Best Multiplayer Games For Android

You can also download Football games for Android and play it with your friends. It is a multiplayer game that you will surely love.

These are our picks for the best multiplayer games to play on android devices. Let us know your favorite games and suggestion in the comments below.

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