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Top 10 Best Mobile Under 20000 in India 2020

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Best Mobile Under 20000: Well, as you know Smartphones have taken the market by a rage. The mobile companies are making better smartphones with every passing day. These smartphones are equipped with so many features that they can serve almost every purpose. If you are looking for a smartphone within 20,000, this list will guide you through.

Best Mobile Under 20000

Best Mobile Under 20000

We are sure you are searching for Best Mobile Under 20000 as this smartphones have all features one wants to explore. We have a complete list of which phone you should buy and why. So lets not waste time and start with the first choice.

1) Poco F1:

Poco F1

Xiaomi is a brand that is known for its mobile phones that have attractive features and are available at extremely affordable rates. If you are looking for a smartphone that costs fewer than 20,000, Poco F1 by Xiaomi is the phone which offers you the best value for money. This phone has features which help to offer unmatched performance in this price range. According to the reviews, the phone is very snappy and there have never been any signs of stutter or lag. The phone feels very fast. The battery life is also very good and it can last for nearly two days for the medium users. The camera quality is also decent and is capable of clicking decent pictures during the daylight. The phone is available in three variants.


  1. The phone offers excellent value for the money spent.
  2. It has a sturdy body.
  3. It has good battery life.
  4. Takes great pictures in daylight or when the lighting is decent.


  1. In the low light, the camera performance is not up to the mark.
  2. There is no provision for the video stabilization.

2) Nokia 7.1

Nokia 7.1

This mobile phone is equipped with a vivid and crisp HDR screen. The performance of the phone is very smooth and it can easily handle the day-to-day tasks. Stock android is present on the phone which enables the smooth functioning of the smartphone. The camera of this phone offers decent performance. Even if the images taken on the phone are taken in low light, the quality is good. At times, the phone tends to over sharpen the images. The battery backup of Nokia 7.1 is not consistent.


  1. This mobile offers a great display.
  2. The design is sleek and yet very compact.
  3. It incorporates the use of Android One and yet, there is no software bloat.
  4. The fingerprint sensor is very efficient


  1. The feature that offers face recognition is not that good.
  2. There are other mobile phones in the market which offer better specifications.

3) Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung Galaxy A50 best mobile under 20000

Samsung has made an impact on the market by introducing it’s now and refreshed A series. This range of phones has a number of interesting smartphones which cost below 20,000. These phones are not only easy on the pocket but can also offer great features. The mobile phone has a screen which is super AMOLED. Users have stated that the phone provides an experience which is extremely pleasant. The bright lit parts of any frame tend to get overexposed. The camera quality is good but not extraordinary. This phone is available in two different versions- 6GB RAM and 64GB onboard storage and 4GB RAM and 64GB onboard storage.


  1. The phone looks great.
  2. It has a display which is very good.
  3. The battery life is interesting.
  4. The camera features are useful.


  1. One might witness spammy notifications and bloatware.
  2. The performance of the camera in low-light is not great.

4) Oppo K1

Oppo K1 best mobile under 20000

This is probably the only smartphone of this range which has an in-display fingerprint sensor. The phone also has many other features. It has a design that is gradient. There is a vivid AMOLED screen which is very crisp. It provides good performance. It also offers a gaming experience that is very smooth. The battery life of this mobile commendable, in the HD video loop test, the battery lasted for around 12 hours 36 minutes. The phone is capable of taking nice pictures. The textures are not very detailed and don’t provide a good definition of the images when they are clicked in low-light. The phone is available in various storage variants.


  1. There is a vivid AMOLED display which is very crisp.
  2. The battery life is very good.
  3. It has a decent selfie camera.
  4. The phone offers a gaming performance which is extremely smooth.
  5. It is the first phone that has an in-display fingerprint sensor.


  1. The camera cannot perform well in low-light.
  2. One might be troubled due to the annoying spams coming from some of the apps.
  3. The phone takes some time to charge. It doesn’t charge quickly.

5) Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy A7

If someone is looking for smartphones under 20,000 bucks, this phone is an ideal choice. This is the first mobile phone powered by Samsung that has a triple camera setup at the rear. However, the performance of the camera, when it comes to clicking pictures in the low-light, is still poor. During the daylight, the photos clicked are of great quality and offer immense detailing. The battery life of the mobile is also very good. In the HD Video loop test, it has run for nearly 15 hours 40 minutes.


  1. It has good battery life.
  2. The display is vivid.
  3. The phone offers the versatility of the camera.


  1. The performance of the camera in low-light isn’t good.
  2. Software bloat is another disadvantage of this device.

6) Redmi Note 7 Pro

Redmi Note 7 Pro

This is one of the best and the most exciting phones which has been launched in the market by Redmi. The Redmi Note 7 Pro doesn’t only have an elegant design but also has a number of impressive specifications. The phone is also equipped with onboard Snapdragon 675 SoC. The phone also has almost all the good features apart from the software that is disturbed by the presence of bloatware and advertisements. There are two variants of this phone available in the market. While one has a RAM of 4GB with inbuilt storage of 64GB, the other has a RAM of 6GB and 128GB inbuilt storage.


  1. The phone has a premium design.
  2. The cameras are of great quality.
  3. The battery also has a long life.
  4. The phone can perform very smoothly.


  1. The phone gets heated up very quickly.
  2. There are advertisements and bloatware.
  3. The slot for a second SIM and the microSD card is shared.

7) Realme 2 Pro

Realme 2 Pro

This is one of the most affordable smartphones that are available in this market at this range. It has an 8GB RAM and it is powered by the Snapdragon 660 SoC. The design is also top-notch which can offer great display experience. The phone has a glass back which imparts an attractive finish to the phone.


  1. The mobile offers solid performance.
  2. The battery life is excellent.
  3. The camera quality is good.


  1. Users have suggested that the company could work more on the build quality.
  2. There is no provision for Type-C port.

8) Honor Play

Honor Play

This mobile is the most suitable for gamers. The device has flagship hardware. It is one of the best mobile phones that one can opt for below 20,000.


  1. It has a metal body which is very sturdy.
  2. The screen is quite large.
  3. The phone offers top-notch performance.
  4. It has great battery life.
  5. The camera quality is good and comes with a number of creative options.


  1. The phone heats up when under pressure.
  2. The camera doesn’t perform well in low light.

9) Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2

Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2

This mobile phone has a glass sandwich design. The screen to body ratio is also good. The display offered by the mobile is of great quality. The device is equipped with a battery of 5,000 mAh. Considering all the factors, this mobile is one of the best handsets that one can get under 20,000.


  1. The mobile has a great design.
  2. The display quality is very good.
  3. It has an excellent battery backup.
  4. There are dedicated slots for the cards.


  1. The camera quality is not that good.
  2. The back panel of the phone is prone to scratches and smudges.
  3. The phone does not support streaming of HD videos.

10) Samsung Galaxy M30

Samsung Galaxy M30

If you are not an avid gamer and would like to get hold of a phone under 20,000 which will offer you good value for money, Samsung Galaxy M30 is the best suited for you. The camera performance is not that great but the phone offers good display quality.


  1. It offers great battery backup.
  2. The mobile supports the HD streaming of videos.
  3. It incorporates the use of USB Type-C port and offers fast charging services.
  4. It has dedicated slots for different cards.


  1. This phone doesn’t have a notification light.
  2. It cannot support heavy gaming.
  3. There is no cover in the box.
  4. The mobile has a plastic build.

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Hope this gives you an idea about the best mobile below 20000 which are available in the market. Have a look at the different features and choose the one which suits you the best.

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