Best Keyloggers for Android Devices in 2019

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“Keylogger” is a term that is not known to everyone. It is a quite complex term for many of the users. This article will tell you about the Keylogger and the top 5 best keyloggers for Android without Root.  Before directly going into the depth let us first know what is keylogger and how it can be beneficial.

What is Keylogger?

The term “Keylogger” can be understood in an easy way by splitting the word. After splitting, it will become “key” + “logger”. Now you may have got a rough idea about it. So basically keylogger is an app tool that is used as a spy tool. You can install the keylogger app on someone else’s smartphone and you can get some important information like passwords, debit/credit card details, etc. Besides this, you can also hack someone’s phone and you can also record all the actions performed and all the messages typed.

5 Best Keyloggers for Android Device

1. CoCospy Keylogger

CoCospy Keylogger is one of the best and reputed keyloggers available for Android. If you want to spy on someone it is quite obvious that you must use a well-reputed keylogger for that purpose. In this, you don’t need to root the targetted device in order to make this keylogger work. Once you install this app on the targetted smartphone, you need to hide the icon under the apps. After this, the app will start working in the stealth mode.
The Cocospy Keylogger offers some amazing features. It has features like keylogging, social media tracking, SMS spy, track calls, track photos/videos, and GPS tracking.

2. mSpy Keylogger

mSpy keylogger is another reputed keylogger app. The working of the mSpy keylogger is similar to the CoCospy keylogger. But what mSpy gives extra is the advanced features. It has a feature which allows the user to take control over the targetted device. The main features include keystrokes tracking (even if it is cleared), track text messages, browser history, and Social media apps. mSpy keylogger costs you around  $69.99/month. It is expensive the CoCospy but the features are almost similar to it. 

3. Spyzie

Spyzie is the best keylogger available at an affordable price. You can use this app just like other keyloggers without rooting the targetted device. It has a very user-friendly user interface. It offers features like keylogging, tracking call logs, GPS tracking, and more. The keylogger also allows a user to spy on photos/videos of the target user, browser history, and text or notes. The app costs $39.99 for a monthly license and $49.99 for three months of access.

4. Hoverwatch Keylogger

This is a keylogger in which all of you might be interested. This a keylogger which is available for free for Android.  This app also does not require a targetted device to be rooted. You just have to purchase a license for how many devices you want to track. It also offers you features like tracking social media, call recording, GPS tracking and more. This keylogger app takes periodic screenshots to track that for which purpose the device was used the most.

5. Flexispy

Flexispy is also one of the best keylogger apps for monitoring and tracking. However, to make use of the advanced features of the app, you need to pay some handful amount of money. It is an expensive keylogger but the price is worth as it is the most reliable keylogger app out there. It offers features like call recording, call interception, keylogging, social media monitoring and more. Other features like managing installed apps, view media, manage internet usage, listen to the environment, etc. are available only for the premium version for which you have to pay extra.

There are other keyloggers apps available on the internet. But the above mentioned are the best keylogger for Android.



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