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Top 10 Best GarageBand Alternatives for Android, PC & Windows in 2020

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There is no doubt that GarageBand is one of the best music editing or apps available out there. But as you already know that, GarageBand only works with iPhone, MacBook, and other Apple devices. But what if you want to use GarageBand for Android? Well, there is no way to do so. Instead, you need to try out the GarageBand alternatives.

Best GarageBand Alternatives for Android, PC & Windows

best GarageBand alternatives

And in this article, I am going to share a list of Best GarageBand Alternatives for Android. So you can start producing music on your Android device. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

1) Music Maker JAM

Music Maker JAM

First of all, I have a Music Maker JAM. It is one of the best music editing apps available out there. With this one, you will be able to pick from thousands of studio-quality loops, beats, and samples. So you can start mixing your new track.

Also, there are more than 300 mix packs are available, and you will easily be able to produce your own unique sound. The app is also extremely beginner-friendly thanks to the easy controls. Also, the app allows you to record your own vocals and share your track directly to YouTube, Soundcloud, and other platforms.

2) Caustic 3

Caustic 3

For my next pick, I have the Caustic 3. This music creation app was inspired by rack-mount synthesizers and sample rings. Also, the app is optimized for mobile devices, and it is pretty easy to use.

With this app, you are getting a virtual analog subtractive synthesizer. Along with that, it comes with a multi-sample wave synthesizers. Also, there are more than 303 like monosynth are available. And including everything, there are 14 instruments that you use and play around.

3) FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile

I am pretty sure you already know about FL Studio. As it is one of the best music-making software available out there used by top producers. And the same application is also available for your Android device.

With the FL Studio Mobile, you are getting high-quality synthesizers, sampler, drum kits, and sliced-loop beats. Also, it is offering a wide range of effects that can enhance your mix.  You are also getting a step sequencer for fast percussion programming.

And yes, there is a configurable virtual piano-keyboard & Drum Pads. Along with that, there are also quite a lot of other features that you get to see. However, the application is not free. Instead, you have to buy it to get started.

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4) n-Track Studio Music DAW

n-Track Studio Music DAW

For my next pick, I have the n-Track Studio Music DAW.  The best part of this app is that it completely turns your phone into a recording studio. With this app, you can record and playback audio and MIDI tracks. Also, you can mix them during playback and add effects.

As well as it comes with a bunch of amazing features. Such as stereo and mono audio tracks, virtually unlimited number of tracks, groups and aux channels, MIDI tracks with built-in synth featuring 128 MIDI instrument sounds, and so on.

5) Walk Band

Walk Band

Walk Band is also one of the top GarageBand alternatives available out there. The app has more than 500 downloads, and you get studio-quality sound. The app is also packed with lots of instruments like Piano keyboard, Guitar solo & chords mode, Bass guitar solo & chords mode, and so on.

Using the app is also pretty easy. And you get some other features like MIDI track recording & editing, Voice track recording & editing, Piano roll mode editing, MIDI to MP3 conversion, and so on.

6) Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

For my next pick, I have the Audio Evolution Mobile Studio.  This one is one of the most powerful multitrack audio/MIDI recording studio that you can try. It offers you support for over 250 USB audio/MIDI interfaces.

Also, you can layer tracks to build up an entire song, play virtual instruments, and add drum patterns. You can also edit audio and play around with unlimited real-time effects, automate, and much more.

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7) ORG 2020

ORG 2020

ORG 2020 is also one of the top Garageband alternatives that you can use. With this app, you are getting thousands of musical instruments, 3 low latency methods, DNC instrument aftertouch.

As well as the app packs thousands of rhythms including intros, variations, fills, break, and so on. Plus, there are also a lot of drum kits that are available in the app. Also, if you wish to connect a real musical keyboard, you are free to do so.

8) Soundtrap


You can also check out Soundtrap. With this one, you can create music with a large set of high quality and professional loops. The app also allows you to record voice and play around with electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, and more.

You can also use the preamp and other large numbers of high-quality guitar, bass, and vocal effects to come up with a great song. Also, with this app, you will directly be able to share your recordings on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

9) BandLab


BandLab is also one of the most amazing apps that you can try out. The app is loaded with features, and it is extremely easy to get started with. The app comes with 12 track Mix editor so you can access a multi-track digital audio workstation to record live audio. Or you can import any of the songs.

Also, the app is offering you more than 100+ Vocal/Guitar/Bass Presets. Plus, you are getting a looper which comes with an extensive loop pack. Plus, it packs 100+ Virtual MIDI Instruments.

10) J4T Multitrack Recorder

J4T Multitrack Recorder

In the end, I have the J4T Multitrack Recorder. This one is also one of the top Garageband alternatives for Android. This one cannot be really used for producing music.

But if you are looking for something for capturing song ideas, demos, and sound sketches easy and anywhere. Then it can be a perfect tool.

Also, it offers you features like four tracks a bunch of audio effects, the ability to import and export your music, loop function, track editing, and so on.

Wrapup on GarageBand Alternatives

We hope you liked our article on Alternatives to GarageBand. This list includes top recorders for musicians. If you find any more options to add in the list, then kindly comment below and we will be happy to improve our list.

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