Top 50 Best Android Games in 2020 Action, Racing, Strategy & More

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The world of gaming has turned up into ultimate craze and madness among the youth. Everyone likes to play online games in their free time. The level of gaming has improved over time. Better graphics, multiplayer games, voice chat features have enhanced the level of online gaming. A large proportion of people use android phones, and these best Android games are quite popular among kids, teens and even adults so we have brought for you a list of best games for Android that you can play on your smartphone.

For playing online games, you need an active internet connection, whereas, for offline games, the internet is not required. People love to play games while traveling or times when they are bored, but choosing from the millions of games available is a difficult task.

Top 50 Best Android Games in 2020

Depending upon the space requirements of your Android phone and your choice, you can select the best-suited game for you to kill your time. There is a wide range of categories to choose from, like Action, Adventure, Combat, Puzzle, Real-Time, Sports, Role Playing and many more.

Playing games boosts up your mood and helps you cope up with the stress you are facing in your daily life. In the busy schedules of our lives, it is essential to take some time for yourself and enjoy some moments of fun and entertainment.

Playing games boosts up your confidence level and the ability to compete with the other players. You get to learn stress management, patience, strategies in a healthy competitive environment while playing.

But deciding which game is worthy of your free time can be a tricky task. So let us make this easy, so the next time when you are confused about what game to play, you can get a fair idea from the Games for Android. So let’s explore!

1) PUBG: Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG is one of the trendiest and best Android games amongst the youth. PUBG is a battle of survival among 100 players spawn on different maps. The last person that remains alive in the game gets the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! You can play PUBG solo, duo or in a squad.

A squad can only have at most four members. The voice chat feature in the game helps you in communicating with your friends and makes your game adventurous.

PUBG uses a lot of data and eats up your battery life quickly, It is important to keep track of how much data does PUBG use so you don’t end up finishing all your mobile data after playing few games.


2) Clash of Clans

The most strategic game in which you have to build your village, get your troops trained and battle!

There are millions of players worldwide with whom you can have the Clan Wars and make your game fun. You can play Clash of Clans with your friends and unlock new achievements and rewards as you proceed.


3) Ludo King

This game brings back all your childhood memories and wakes up the inner child inside of you. Ludo King is a board game that supports an Offline mode to play with your friends sitting nearby. You have to roll a dice and move your tokens according to the numbers you get on the dice. The first person, who gets all the tokens inside the center of the Ludo board, wins the game!


4) Fortnite Battle Royale

A free to play online game, where 100 players battle to survive with the structures they build. The players have full freedom to create their worlds and battle arenas. The Fortnite Battle Royale is about fighting the zombies and defending from the structures they built.


5) Minecraft

Explore and create everything from the most uncomplicated house to the gigantic castles in the game. The Minecraft has a Creative Mode in which you have unlimited resources. You can mine deep in the Survival Mode and craft weapons and armors to defend mobs. Minecraft is an online game that you can play with up to 10 friends.


6) Mini Militia

An intense multiplayer combat game in which you can combat up to 6 players online.


7) 8 ball pool

Practice in the arena and play tournaments of the pool to win exciting rewards.


8) Candy Crush Saga

The easiest and fun game where you have just to switch, match and blast the candies to unlock the other level.


9) Subway Surfers

A fun and entertaining game in which you help Jake, Tricky and Fresh to escape from the Inspector and his dog. You have to dodge the trains and dash as fast as you can.


10) Temple Run 2

Run, Jump, Slide and Turn as you try to escape!


11) Garena free fire

A 10-minute Survival game in which you have to compete against 49 other players. The last player that survives wins the game!


12) Creative Destruction

A full fun game in which you have to build the best and defeat the rest! A do or die battle with innovative weapons and challenges that unleash your inner beast.


13) Modern Combat


A multiplayer First Person Shoot game which has some great graphics and intense action. War against your friends or rivals from around the globe to experience sheer madness and fun!

14) 2048


The most addictive puzzle game in which you have to combine the same tiles of smaller numbers and make it a bigger one.

15) Shadow Fight 3

Eliminate hazardous energy! The game reveals the dark secrets of shadow power. It is an intense action game for Android which is user-friendly and free to play!


16) Brain Dots

The easy yet brainstorming puzzle game, the only thing you have to do is bump the balls to unlock the next levels. Brain Dots enhances your thinking skills and analyzing skills.


17) Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox

From tank battles to helicopter racing, everything you can experience with this addictive action game!


18) N.O.V.A. Legacy

The best 3D F.P.S. game with great graphics and guns. You can play Death match and be the last shooter surviving to win the game. As you progress, the new weapons and achievements get unlocked.


19) Asphalt 9: Legends – 2019’s Action Car Racing Game

The most fun and addictive car racing games with great graphics. In this ultimate racing game, you have to secure the 1st position and beat your competitors to unlock new cars and rewards.


20) Super Mario Run

A new Mario game in which the Mario runs as you tap on the screen. Just like the old school, Mario that most of us have played, jump and collect the coins to get the high score and move on to the next level.


21) Colour Switch

You have to just tap on your screen to make your ball overcome every obstacle that comes in the way. The ball can only pass through the barrier having the same color as the ball. Obstacles with different color as the ball, block the path of the ball. The game gets speed up as you proceed. You have to make a high score to reach new levels.


22) Crowd City

A popular game with a whole new concept of gaming. You have to join similar crowds to be the biggest crowd in the town.


23) Traffic Rider

An old school fun motorbike game that takes bike racing to a whole new level. You have to ride your bike on an endless highway while overtaking traffic. As you proceed in the game, you can upgrade and buy new bikes to achieve the different missions in the Career mode.

Traffic Rider

24) Teen Patti

The most massive multiplayer card game, also known as the Indian Pok*r is for all the card game lovers. The more you play more daily rewards you win.


25) Carrom Pool


An easy to play old school game that immediately brings back your childhood memories. Carrom is a board game in which the player who pots all their pieces wins. The player who secures the Queen gets the extra points.

26) Pokemon Go

A fun game with a creative concept in which you have to go out, battle with others and catch the Pokemon. Pokemon Go is a global game in which the more Pokemon you find, the more points you earn.


27) Injustice 2

An action-packed game with customized D.C. superheroes and villains. You just have to assemble your team of heroes, like the Batman, Flash and Wonder Woman to battle with the forces against you. As you fight through the game, you get more powers which you can equip with your superheroes to make them Unbeatable!


28) Need for Speed No Limits

This racing game lets you dominate the streets and rule the game. As you race more, more cars and more customization options are available for you to upgrade. This app offers you in-app purchases. You can disable it in your device settings.


29) Word Cross

All new word search interface to make your board game fun and entertaining. Word Cross is a crossword puzzle game that contains scrambled words to make you addicted to this game. If you like brainstorming puzzle games, this one is for you.


30) Chess Free

The best Chess game for Android. If you wish to improve your Chess Strategy and skills, this game is available for you free. The game has no locked options. It has different modes to enhance your game experience.


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31) Moto Rider Go: Highway Traffic

Race through the Highway Traffic in this Motorcycle game. The Motor Rider Go is one of the most addictive and satisfying game. Dodging the traffic and the excellent graphics of the game gives you immense satisfaction. You can enjoy the 3D visuals and choose from the high-speed motorbikes to upgrade your speed and level. You can select from chopper, cross or superbike for a thrilling motorbike gaming experience.


32) Gardenscapes

Go through an adventurous journey of unexpected twists and turns to restore a garden to its former beauty. You have to decorate different areas of the garden and find out the secrets that the garden holds. You just have to indulge yourself in gardening and be the protagonist of a thrilling story. Build a dream garden for you for free!


33) Angry Birds 2

Play one of the most popular games in the world. You can join millions of players for absolutely FREE! You can start your adventures by teaming up with friends and different clans around the globe. You have to evolve your Angry Birds and take on challenges to progress in the game.


34) Dragon Ball Legends

If you liked watching Dragon Ball cartoons in your childhood, this game is for you! The all-new Dragon Ball games make you battle in 3D quality by taking control of your most favorite character in the game. You can enjoy 1 vs 1 battle with your rivals across the globe.


35) Darkness Rises

A revolutionary action RPG game that has gorgeous graphics and innovative gameplay. You have to adventure through dungeons and fight demons to level up and be a LEGENDARY WARRIOR! The Darkness Rises has intense boss battles with a horde of ferocious demons ready to breach on your gates. You have to destroy the evil before it destroys the world!


36) War Dragons

A real-time 3D game with attractive visuals. The game is strategic and puts you in control of the ferocious dragon army. You have to join a guide and help your teammates in launching attacks, and enemy raids to annihilate the others. The dragons in the game have different attack styles, abilities, and classes. You have to defeat them all and be the WINNER!


37) Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer

A Football game for Android with a new concept. This multiplayer game offers you free-kick face-offs to make you a pro in the Career Mode. You have to strike the GOAL, during a limited time to earn points. You can be both a striker and Goalkeeper in the Free kick mode. You can also challenge players around the globe. This game has fast yet straightforward gameplay, which makes it all fun and addictive.


38) Cooking Fever

A cooking game in which you can customize your restaurant to prepare the best dishes and desserts from all over the world. The game is free and addictive. You can practice your skills to cook various meals and learn new cooking techniques. You can use different ingredients and appliances to attract more clients to your restaurant. You can also make your freebies to enhance the customer service experience just like our daily lives.

So have fun by cooking your favorite dishes and sharing them with your friends on social media platforms.


39) My Talking Angela

A virtual pet game, in which you have to make your A.N.G.E.L.A. a superstar with food, fashion, makeup and fun! You can adopt the baby kitten and raise her just like your own pet. Bathe her, decorate her and her house, feed her with delicious meals and dress her up so that she can grow up to be a pretty and healthy cat. You can talk to your Angela, solve mini puzzles with her and shop the best outfits and makeup for her.


40) Talking Tom Cat 2

We all know of the app in which the cat talks back. Talking Tom 2 is a newer version of the game. In this version, You can talk to the cat Tom, play with him, poke him and dress him up in the cool outfits. You can also personalize his home. You can make funny videos and share them. By adopting him as your own virtual pet, you can have a lot of fun.


41) Archery King

The most popular archery game available. You can test your skills in this competitive archery game. You can master all the locations by discovering their streets. New challenges and customizable bow and arrow make the game exciting. You can be the best archer by practicing and progressing through the game.


42) Clash Royale

Starring the Royales, Clash Royale is a real-time, head to head battle in the Clash World. You can collect and upgrade dozens of cards featuring Clash of Clans troops. You just have to Knock the enemy King and Princesses from their towers to defeat them and win rewards. You can lead the Clash Royale family to Victory!


43) Boom Beach

An epic combat strategy game where you have to fight the evil Blackguard. Attack the enemy base and unlock the secrets of this tropical paradise. You can create a Task Force with players around the globe to defeat the enemy altogether. BOOM THE BEACH!


44) Hay Day

The most popular Farming game which is free to download and install. You need to learn the lay of the land, tend to your crops and trade goods with your neighbors and friends. In this game, the crops never die, even if it never rains. Sharing farm with some quirky animals is all fun. You can customize your own farm and fulfill orders with your trucks and steamboats.


45) Homescapes

Redesign a beautiful old mansion by helping Austin the butler bring warmth and comfort back to his family’s magnificent mansion. The moment you walk in the door, adventures await for you! You can renovate and decorate rooms in the mansion, unlocking more chapters along the way.


46) Bricks Breaker Quest

The best game to kill your time. o Bricks Breaker Quest is a free to play the game with a wide range of stages. The game is offline and straightforward. The ball flies wherever you touch. You have to remove bricks on the board to clear a stage. The blocks should never hit the bottom. You can find the best angles and positions to break the bricks.


47) Racing Fever: Moto

All new traffic motor racing game with exciting features and levels. With the superb graphics, you won’t be able to put off your phone so easily. The camera has 4 different angles. For a realistic experience, play from the racer’s perspective of the camera. There are 16 various motorcycles to make your game all exciting and fun. You can select your favorite bike and customize its design according to you and Start Racing!


48) Unkilled

The best zombie shooting game with great gameplay, beautiful story and easy controls. In this apocalyptic survival action-packed multiplayer zombie shooting game, you have to choose one of the five unique characters and join the Wolfpack. The game is F.P.S., and you have to kill zombies to progress through the game. There are many unique guns and modes to make your game experience thrilling as ever. There are lots of gun skins available which can be used to customize your favorite firearms. Complete the missions and be the Victor!


49) Hill Climb Racing

The most entertaining physics based driving game available for free. Newton Bill an uphill racer wishes to take a ride to a destination where no journey has ever been before. From Ragnarok to a Nuclear Plant, all places are a racing track to Bill. Bill won’t stop until he conquers the highest hills up on the moon.

You have to face the challenges while climbing up the hills with different cars. You can earn more rewards by performing some dangerous stunts and landing out safe. You can earn more coins to upgrade your cars and reach to higher distances.


50) Real Racing 3

You can take your driving skills to the next level, by this amazing car racing game for android. The graphics of the game are incredibly high, and you need at least 1.5GB of free space on your device. You can take the wheel of over 140 intensely detailed vehicles from iconic car manufacturers like Ford, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz and many more.

You can challenge your friends and rivals in a global eight players cross-platform real-time racing. You can even compete in over 4000 events and challenges to enhance your driving skills. Customize your cars with paints, types of vinyl and rims and DRIVE THE BEASTS!

Wrap up on Best Android Games

All these games create a healthy and competitive environment among the players. The games, as mentioned above, can be played individually or with your friends online or offline as per the requirements of the game. All the games mentioned above are highly popular among the youth, and you can refer to this list of 50 Best Games whenever you get confused regarding your choice of games.

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