Top 10 Best Facetime Alternatives for Android

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Are you Using an android device and searching for the best Facetime alternatives? You will find it here! You might be knowing that Facetime is an application developed for iOS devices using which people having iPhone can directly do video call to each other without taking the help of any third party application.

Top 10 Best Facetime Alternatives for Android:

Best Facetime Alternatives for Android

But now, this can be done in android devices too and I know you are damn excited to know which are those amazing top 10 Facetime alternatives for android devices. So, shall we begin? I hope your answer is yes!

1) Skype:


skype facetime alternative for androidSkype doesn’t need any introduction, right? Use it for communicating with your friends or loved ones or use it as your professional account. Skype is one of the best Facetime alternative on android devices and if proper internet connection is there, you can enjoy video calls without facing any problem.

Launched in 2003, Skype was not performing well on android devices at initial days but later when it got upgraded to version 5.0 in 2014, all problems were fixed and people were using Skype on android devices without registering any complaint.

Now, if you will use Skype, you can even set different themes in it as per your choice and talk with your friends, colleagues and other relatives.

2) Google Hangout:

google hangout facetime alternative for android

A product of Google and an facetime alternatives for android devices. While you are on your video call, you can even talk with someone else through chat. The one thing that is the best about Google Hangouts is, its free and if you want to use it, you don’t need to pay even a single penny.

All you are required to insert is your Google id and password and its done. If there is no possibility of Wi-Fi you can easily connect through your private mobile network. Compared to Wi-Fi, it uses less data when you are using it from your private mobile network.

3) Line:

line facetime alternative for android

Line is one of the oldest applications that people are using as a facetime alternatives in their smartphones. It includes chat, audio and video calling services. Apart from all these main features, it also includes a set of stickers that you can exchange with your friends and have some fun!

In order to start with line, you just need to create an account by providing your phone number. Currently more than 100 million people are using this application worldwide and still people are registering themselves on the application.

Wondering what else you will get if you will use Line as an alternative to Facetime? “N” number of free calls and free SMS service. But yes, if you will try to make a call on a landline number then you will be asked to pay a certain amount as a fee.

4) WhatsApp:

whatsapp facetime alternative for android

Only moderate or highly busy people who don’t have time to have a glass of water might not be using WhatsApp. Exchange message, send voice memos, do video calls, send GIF and what not? One of the leading message exchanging application is WhatsApp and you can even use two account in a single device if you want to.

Just give your phone number, verify it through OTP, synchronize your contacts and start using it. Either use it using your mobile network or use Wi-Fi. WhatsApp is one of the most superior alternatives to facetime available for android devices.

5) ICQ:

icq facetime alternative for android

ICQ is basically one of the rare applications used by people. Using ICQ you can do free video calling. The application is quite similar as Google Hangouts and while using it you can even proceed with group video calling. The sad thing about this application is, it uses a lot of battery and you need to keep your phone on charge multiple times a day if you will keep on using ICQ.

Neglecting the sad thing, the good thing about this application is, when you are on video call you can even send 3D animated stickers. So, what are you waiting for? Use ICQ, the best Facetime alternative for android devices.

6) WeChat:

wechat facetime alternative for android

Similar to line, WeChat is also a message exchanging and video calling application having more than 100 million users. You will be shocked after knowing the fact that in a single group you can add up to 500 members. Yes, its true!


OOVOO facetime alternative for android

This application hit the market and became very popular among the youth and it was the first video calling application after WhatsApp that was compatible with android as well as iOS platforms. At once you can have video call with 12 people without facing any problem or internet issue and this is where ooVoo application played its card.

Because of this feature, it became the leading video calling application and even today people are using this application as an Facetime alternatives on android and iOS devices.

8) Tango:

tango facetime alternative for android

If you are searching for an application that is completely a carbon copy of Facetime, then you might like this Tango application. You cannot use this application without Wi-Fi, if you will try using the application using your private mobile network, you will fail.

Even having this limitation, the application made place in heart of more than 100 million users and they enjoy exchanging messages, audio memos and doing video calls using the app. The developers of this application believe that Tango is not just an application but a packet full of unique features such as you can share your status, play games and more.

9) Viber:

viber facetime alternative for android

When Viber was launched in the market, it can only be used as an application for simply exchanging text and audio message and nothing else. But later the developers added the video calling feature in the app and made its UI so appealing and attractive that people started loving the application.

10) Zangi:

zangi facetime alternative for android

If you are bored of using these old applications for video calling then you can explore Zangi now! It is one of the newest applications launched in the market and can be used as an facetime alternatives for android devices.

The application is proficient enough to provide you good quality video calling services even if your phone is running an internet connection of 2G speed. It also includes some security tools that ensures that whatever data you are exchanging is safe and not revealed to any untrusted person.

Wrapping Up!

Mentioned above is the full list of top 10 best Facetime Alternatives for Android. Now its totally up to you that what alternative application you want to use. Whatever application you choose, you must ask yourself that whether you are enjoying using the application or not.

Start talking with your friends on video call and enjoy your life!

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