10 Best Apps Like Instagram in 2020 | Awesome Instagram Alternatives

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Apps Like Instagram: In the age of the iGen, social media plays an essential role in everyone’s lives. Being on the different social media platforms, in a way portrays your standing in the society be it your friend circle or among your families. Nowadays, we all have developed a habit of sharing the minutest events to the most significant events of our lives on social media. Our photos, videos, statuses, posts and all of these sketch the image of how we are in reality.

One of the most loved applications of this generation is Instagram. Released in the year 2012, it was immediately a massive hit among the millennials. Just like Facebook which was another popular app released before Instagram, the latter allowed users to posts photos and upload videos on IGTV, and view those of others. One could also have easy access to the lives of different celebrities which was quite appealing to the users. In this race of various social media apps, Instagram has often had victory over all other apps, boasting millions of users.

10 Best Apps Like Instagram in 2020 | Instagram Alternatives

Best Apps Like Instagram

However, Instagram often shadows other social media apps that are otherwise very creative and have a lot of scopes. In this article, we will list down ten best apps like Instagram, to help people explore more in this domain.

1) Snapchat

Apps Like Instagram Snapchat

Released in 2012, just after Instagram, Snapchat is quite a unique app itself. It is an app through which you can express yourself through pictures and communicate with people. You can click an image or make a video, put along a caption and send it to the concerned person or simple “Add to Story” by which all your friends and colleagues on Snapchat can see what you are up to at that very moment. You can chat with your friends with the newly developed ‘Bitmoji’ which is a cartoon sketch of you based on how you look and what clothes you wear. It is undoubtedly a very famous app and is used by many because of its unique features.

2) Twitter


Released in 2010, Twitter has gained relevance in recent years. Twitter in the past was shadowed by Instagram and Facebook and was often only used by people of working age. Slowly and slowly, it has begun to grow popularity among the millennials. You can be abreast of what is happening all over the world through photos, videos or what is known as ‘Tweets.’ You can talk about sports, politics, entertainment, etc in the form of tweets. It is often the best platform for discussion among people and also expresses our right to speech and expression in the best possible manner. One of the highlights is that it brings you a lot closer to the lives of celebrities than Instagram does. Often people have had conversations with celebrities over tweets.

3) Tik Tok

Ban On TikTok Video App Lifted By Madras High Court

Released recently in 2015 Tik Tok has been a hit among the younger generation. It has started to become more popular than Instagram in recent times. It is not an ordinary app for short term mobile videos. Through Tik Tok you are telling a story in 15 seconds. You can act out dialogues from movies or dance on songs which you like. You can view other people’s videos and also make combine videos with your friends and celebrities. Admittedly, it is an app to hone your acting skills.

We have also shared list of Apps like Tiktok on our site. Kindly check them out.

4) Neighbourly


Having difficulties in your new neighborhood? No issues, because the ultimate solution is provided to you by this app. You can ask questions about the area such as events, shops, malls, parks, etc nearby or you can also be a good neighbor and help out your fellow neighbor as well. It is a location-based app that connects you to people in the community so you can get answers from reliable sources.

5) LinkedIn


Released in 2011, this app is purely for your professional reasons. It helps you connect with people from different profession or interact with those who belong to the same profession as yours. It provides a ground to look for new opportunities in terms of new jobs and internships from the skills and experience offered in your profile. Hence, this app surely gives your professional life a boost.

6) Pinterest

apps like instagram pinterest

Released in 2012, this app is what the new generation calls ‘aesthetically’ pleasing to one’s eyes. This app is all about how you can explore new ideas for inspiration in decorating your home, new recipes to feed your friends or what is the latest fashion going around it the town. You can view different photos posted by people of their home decors, trips or the new food they tried out. You can also help people explore by sharing your new experiences. We can say that Pinterest is an alternative to Instagram as users can share photos on both platforms.

7) Spotify

spotify app like instagram alternatives

Released in India in 2019, Spotify is a music app but a very highly developed music app. The user can stream trending music, find charts and even create his playlist. You get to discover a world of new music, videos, and podcasts something which the other music apps fail to provide. A unique feature of this app is that you can share your playlist with others. Hence it’s definitely a hit among music lovers.

8) Tumblr


Released in 2010, it was one of the first social media apps used by the younger generation. It is an app where your interests help you connect with others. This app helps you to express yourself and develop your character. It helps you to bond with people over photos, fandom, and philosophies. It’s an app which lets you be yourself.

9) Flickr


For all the photographers, here is an apps like Instagram specially constructed for you. The Flickr app was developed in 2011 and allows people to upload, organize, edit and share photos from anywhere in the world. You can add your creativity by editing your photos. This app allows you to interact with your friends, family and the Flickr community.

10) VSCO


Just like Flickr, this is another photography app often used by photographers. You can join the VSCO community and shoot and edit your photographs with their superior mobile presets and advanced camera controls. Then you can publish these pictures on your profile and also view photographs of people you follow.

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Conclusion about Apps like Instagram

Instagram might have to most far-reaching popularity, but it is also in tough competition with the apps listed in this article, because of their unique features. The apps mentioned above are used by many people all over the world and have a huge fan base. Hence, it’s time to move on from Instagram and explore more options

We hope you liked our article about Apps like Instagram. We have collected this list only for you. Let us know if you find more Instagram alternatives to share photos online.

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