Best Android utility Apps or Daily Use – Guide 2019

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Searching for Best Android utility Apps ? Well, Android Smartphones have became a very important part of the world today , they have not only made it easy to connect with the friends but have also made our day to day tasks very easy, Say Money transfer, Booking a cab, editing Music there is an app for every task in the play store.

Android utility Apps

Today here we are going to discuss about the best utility apps for android in 2019 ,you may find them new but they are widely used in the world and are of great uses,like you need an alarm to wake up in the morning ,it is an utility apps, You use android dashcam apps to record the journey being behind the wind shield and these apps too come under utility Apps.

So Lets start with our list of Best Android utility Apps

1) Barcode Scanner
Barcode scanners are the widely used application of android phones and most of the browsers like UC Browser have added the Barcode scanner as the part of the browser.Paying bills at freecharge or using whatsapp on web you need a barcode scanner and that is the reason most popular applications have implemented the feature in their apps.
2) VPN apps
Vpn apps are very useful when some of the site is blocked on your room server,college server or even at the country level,Vpn apps create a connection between your phone and other country when the access to that site is permitted and lets you browse the site even when it is blocked in your location, that is the power of VPN
3) Number Identifier
You all must be aware with the very popular app truecaller , today its rarely common to see an android device without truecaller installed in it and by far for me it is the best utility app installed on my phone,you get to see the name of the unknown caller even before you pick the call but you need to have an active3G/4G or wifi connection when you are getting a call.
4) Flash Light Apps
Though all the newly launched device have pre-installed the lash light feature but back then when it was uncommon the flash light app was very common app and it has more than 100 million downloads over play store which makes it clear that its a very important app for android users
5) Automatic Call Recorder
This app is must for the people who gets threats from people regarding their big level business,The app starts recording call as soon as you or the received picks up the phone and ends when the call is cut and the recording is saved in the app for future evidence reference,Small app but does big tasks.

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