10 Best Android File Managers,File Explorer Apps, File Browsers in 2020

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Having too many files on your mobile? Trying to arrange data in sequence? Having no time to do that?

Arranging data has become a growing issue nowadays and requires a lot of time. Having too many files scattered and not properly organized makes your work double and also demands a longer duration in completing the tasks assigned to you.

As laymen, you don’t have enough time to arrange what you have in your phones, and these files create a huge mess and also utilize a lot of space in phones because of which the memory also gets filled up very fast.

Not arranging your files in a proper file manager make your phone look shabby as it contains all the documents and also those too which are not even required as of now.

Don’t worry guys; I have come up with ten best file managers for Android phones which you can use with no effort and stress and can properly arrange your files. It not only makes your phone presentable but also makes your task easy.

10 Best Android File Managers

File Manager Applications are the most significant applications on your gadget. With their use, your documents can be accessed, and downloads can be discovered, storage space can be managed and transfer things, etc. It is not necessary that every person is excessively enthusiastic about managing their files since it tends to be entirely exhausting. However, everybody still needs a file manager. There are some best file explorer applications for Android users that can be downloaded and utilized.

1) Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager for android

This is a new application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It is an amazing application, and the results of using this app are also positive. It is basically, an open-source and has fewer provisions for those who want to do some light browsing of files. It has several features which include SMB file sharing, Material Design, a built-in application that can be utilized to uninstall other apps, root explorer, and much more. Its quality is that it manages to teach essential information without creating an issue. It is a free application, but you have an option to provide funds for the further development of the application. To know more follow the article…

2) Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager for android

Astro is the one that has been considered as the oldest file manager application for Android users. It has undergone a lot of changes within the years and has its best updates to date. However, it has always been the most favorable choice made by users to use this app. The features include SD card support, compression of the file, cloud storage support, management of app, and archive extraction support such as ZIP as well as RAR.

Not only this, but you also get attractive Material Design User Interface, and the usage is simple. It is free of cost, and no ads display during its usage. It also has a beta version with the latest features introduced by Metago, the app developer.

3) ASUS File Manager

ASUS File Manager

If you need to deal with your files rapidly and in an orderly way, at that point, the ASUS file manager will be the best for you. This lightweight application empowers you to cut, duplicate, move, spare or erase records effectively. It does not just deal with the information on your gadget and SD card yet, in addition, deals with the information on cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, ASUS WebStorage and that are the advantage of this application. It enables you to collect documents to arrange them expertly on the gadget. It classifies the records according to the document type, for example, pictures, recordings, sound, downloads, and that’s what makes it stand out of the others. It has a recycled bin and storage analyzer as well.

4) ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer File Manager is essentially an Android file manager that effectively manages all sorts of files over your Android device or smartphone. You must be enjoying all the necessary features like move, cut, copy and paste. Additionally, it also helps you to transfer apps, audio, video, music and many more different files without ay wire connectivity. You will find the multimedia viewer and inbuilt photo. They enable you to display images and play music and videos.

Moreover, it also has an inbuilt ZIP, RAR files reader along with a Cache cleaner and other optimization of tools. It lets you access and organizes the files in cloud storage like Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox and more. We know about the Amaze file manager, so this one also works similarly for rooted phones.

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5) File Manager

Mobile Clean System Lab

Other than the essential tasks like cut, duplicate, glue and move, the file manager from Mobile Clean System Lab can likewise uninstall applications; make alternate shortcuts for the application. It helps you to quickly, and you can open different tabs along with that. It additionally arranges and compresses the files to deal with the storage on your gadget. The application is available in 19 different languages. With colorful themes, you can modify and customize the look of the file manager. The file explorer can be utilized on gadgets that are rooted. The lightweight application has a cabinet that navigates, which causes you to explore the records rapidly.

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6) MK Explorer

MK Explorer for android

MK Explorer is considered to be one of the best document file manager application for Android. It is a simple file arranging application that plays out all the fundamental capacities like duplication of data, cut, rename, erase and more such things.

There are two panels of windows to see the records. It likewise empowers you to browse the records through a search engine rapidly. It has an inbuilt display, word processor, and music player. What makes it unique is that it can support 20 languages. It can reduce and arrange ZIP and RAR records. It additionally works on rooted Android mobiles.

7) X-Plore File Manager

X-Plore File Manager

X-Plore file manager is another best record supervisor for Android. It has a media player and video player, hex viewer, PDF viewer and more with it. It enables you to manage documents on your gadget as well as on Cloud stockpiling like Google Drive, PCloud, SugarSync, OneDrive and that’s just the beginning.

For simple working, it has a dual board explorer that gives you a chance to perform the same task between windows. It provides you with vault to protect your relevant documents.

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8) Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer is another such Android file manager application that gives you the ability to secure your delicate documents with a password, and it is also that the gadget supports a unique finger impression sensor, and you can utilize Fingerprint to verify your files. It has two distinct boards for quicker working. It gives you a chance to basically arrange your pictures, recordings, and sound rapidly and effectively. It has features to concentrate and encode ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP, and TAR. It gives you a chance to modify the skin of the application. It empowers you to deal with the documents on your gadget and cloud. It enables you to rename numerous documents without delay.

9) Total Commander File Manager

Total Commander File Manager

Total Commander is a unique Android file manager application with a lot of features. Alongside its duplicates, cuts, pastes and removes functions; it likewise empowers you to perform cluster tasks. It has two boards for simple use. It has an inbuilt word processor and media player. It is not only supported by 31 languages but also works on only rooted Android gadgets. You can bookmark the documents that you frequently use for simple access. It can compress and extract ZIP records.

10) Tetra Filer

Tetra Filer

Tetra Filer is a file manager application for Android that has a delightful and primary interface. Other than the essential functionalities like cutting, removing, duplicating and renaming, it likewise arranges and concentrates the documents efficiently without any issue. It empowers you to choose numerous documents to perform activities. Another feature is to bookmark the documents that you use now and then to so that you can effortlessly get them. It enables you to share files and folders.

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Wrap up on Best Android File Managers

These are the best Android file managers through which you guys can arrange your files in proper sequence and also save your mobile storage from getting filled up without putting much of your effort and time. I hope you guys have found your solution from this article and just waiting to try it on your phones and computers. Get Set Go! Guys, go check out the best that suits you and come back to find more such helpful articles.

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