Top 10 Best Action Games for Android in 2020

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Are you looking for Best Action Games for Android in 2019 : Gone are the days when mobile games were just time killers. Today, mobile games have a market just as wide and adventurous as pc games. A lot of YouTubers and discord gamers picked up android games and are on the way to gaming as a career option.

Action games are pixelated but are the best category of games for both viewers and players. While some have hard-core action and battles, a few others have story-line that lead to action-packed missions and fights. If you are looking for some amazing action games to play on your smartphone, then make sure to read till the last.

Top 10 Best Action Games For Android

Lets dive deep into the topic straight away and checkout the list.


There is probably no chance that a mobile games lover hasn’t played or heard of this game. PUBG mobile is the most widespread name in the gaming industry. With millions of gamers in India, USA, Germany, and many other locations, the game became a global sensation in very less time. The standard war match comprises of 100 players and the last man standing wins.

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It is realistic because of the weapons and strategies that the game encourages are simply spectacular. It is competitive killing right from the beginning, and the coordination needed for this game is epic.

2) Mortal Kombat X

mortal kombat for android

If action means fighting to you, then Mortal Kombat X is by far the best dimensional fighting game for any android device. It is the only game that could recreate the magic from cinematic fighting scenes because of the graphics and backend control that the developers put so much effort in. It allows you to fight in a 3 vs 3 modes and try a combination of fighters.

The game mechanics are elegantly done. Your characters and skills are highly customizable and are available as in-app purchases or with rewards in the game. With a bunch of modes to choose from this game is worth a shot.

3) Fornite

Who doesn’t know Fortnite? Thanks to Ninja gamer who took over the media world with this game. The game is a complete example of how strategies are built and wars are won. With innumerable modes to play, it has everything that battle royale games can offer.

The unique feature that makes fortnite so special is its building and breaking strategies that can be used creatively for both defense and attack.

4) Shadowgun legends

A heavy game with a much wider look than the ones that you are used to seeing on the smartphone screen. The game has some amazing missions and fight objectives but still holds simple gaming mechanics. This makes the gameplay smooth even after having such heavy graphics.

It is recommended that you understand the flow of this game and adjust settings according to your smartphone to have the best experience. There are tournaments based on this game, and you can interact with other real gamers too. Its well-planned missions make it one of the best shooting-action games.

5) Modern Kombat V

If you are looking for a shooting-action packed android games with lesser strategies than the ones on the top of this list and some amazingly thought scenes, then Modern Kombat 5 is clearly the best option for android devices. Fighting terrorists, leading your troop, and sniping is the best parts of gameplay.

Playing Modern Kombat requires good reflexes and skills just like a pc game. This gives you a very realistic outlook which is very close to pc visuals. It’s on the fun side and not tough, which makes it a heavily played android game.

6) Dragon Ball Legends

There are very few games that are based on anime or anime characters. Dragon Ball Legends is an interesting game optimized in portrait mode and has a very easy gaming mechanism to play. Most of the attacks can be executed with combinations of swipe and tap on the screen. While the game looks cleaner and animated instead of hard-core graphics it still has a separate fan base. Dragon Ball Legends extends till Super Saiyan, and the game also allows you to engage in separate online fights that wouldn’t affect your usual gameplay.

It is very accurate, and user satisfaction is highly prioritized. The sound effects complement characters and visuals equally.

7) Metal Soldier: Shooter

The metal soldier helps you take a peek in retro Gameboy play that is neat with graphics and ideology. Just like Contra from the older games has more defined and sharp characters. Therefore it is much improved than the ones that it is compared with. The game starts at a beginner’s level and reaches an advanced level with every stage.

The length of the mission and hurdles keep getting complex, but it still remains at the same level of game handling. However, the game is quite addictive and simple in the UI. It can be played even on an average Android device which makes it a much better time-killer.

8) Into The Dead 2: Zombie Survival

This game shall take you to a whole new world with its story and designs. It perfectly depicts what otherwise a zombie apocalypse would look like. It is not an action-packed game that will have tons of weapons or fancy graphics. But it still has some really cool silent and scary action which will turn many heads. This can also be played on any level of a smartphone.

9) BattleLands Royale

A rather graphically animated game which gained a lot of popularity because of its looks and handling. Battlelands is cartoon visuals which hand up-down perspective of the gamer. A casual game round in battle lands wouldn’t last more than a few minutes, but on different modes, it gets very challenging and gradually becomes amazing gameplay.

10) Garena Free fire

This game lost a majority of its user-base to PUBG mobile. It has millions of users but has lost somewhere because of lesser updates. It has very similar gameplay to that of PUBG. But then the graphics and framerates are comparatively bad. It does engage the players and leads to the last man standing winner strategy. A lot of players still play it along with other strategy action games.

Wrap up on Best Action Games For Android

We hope you liked our collection of Best Action Games for Android. Kindly download the games and let us know what you feel about it. These games are best when you have some time to play and relax.

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