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Android VS iPhone: Which Is Better?

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When you want to buy a new Phone you get confused which one to buy Android or iPhone? As it is not simple to choose which phone to buy. Though the iPhone is expensive even in Android device we get expensive smartphones if you see. Both the device comes better as it depends on us which to choose. But now, here in this article we are going compare both the devices. So, let us see the Android VS iPhone Which one is better?

Android VS iPhone: Which Is Better?

Android vs iphone which is better

1) Ease of use

It is true that the iOS interface is very easy to use. But at the same time, Android Interface also won’t give much trouble if you use smoothly. Earlier, when the iPhone just came, Windows Mobile and Nokia phones were the competition.

If we see the appearance and home-screen setup things turn towards Android. Android smartphones give you more control over the system and the apps. You can set up your Android device the way you want but you can’t do this on iPhone.

2) Fit, finish, and price

Some of the Android devices like Samsung S7 and Google Pixel are as attractive as the iPhone. Apple makes sure that iPhones have great and finish look and it controls every step of the manufacturing process.

We can say that Apple does not make anything except Luxury phones. You won’t get a Cheaper iPhone. If you want to use the iPhone but don’t want to pay dollar then you can use the second-hand phone.

You can get an Android phone at a cheaper price and also you get the expensive one.

3) Closed VS Open systems

If you are an iPhone user and want to watch a Google Play Movie using Play Movies ot want to buy a book from Kindle app then you can’t do it. On the other hand, Android is an open source and is open to alternative apps.

Apple has not ported any of its Apps to Android and will never do it. So, if your music is based on iTunes then you are an iPhone user and you can’t use any other thing on your Apple device.

4) A.I. and Voice Assistants

While comparing the Siri vs Google Assistant, you the winner is Google Assistant. Google Assistant has more excellent voice interface to Google search. If you are using Google apps like Google Calendar and Google Maps, it makes life simpler.

Though Siri came first to the market, but still it has just a basic.

Android VS iPhone: Which Is Better?

5. Timely Updates

At this time, Apple beats Android. When Apple gets the new update or a patch, all phone still supported anyway. But with Android device, lets hope for the best.

On the iPhone, each and every details is under Apple’s Control, with Android, Google gives the base Operating System and some programs.

iOS Update can be flaky. Apple needs to do a good job with quality.

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6) Security

Google is more careful than Apple about what apps it will allow it to its App Store. The best way to keep the malware off your Android gadget is to get the apps only from the Google Play Store. iPhones do not see this, there is an iPhone malware there which is waiting for a user to download a dodgy program.

7) Battery life and charging

Judging about Battery life is hard as all the Android phone is different. Most of the Samsung and Motorola Phones doesn’t need to be charged often as iPhones.

Mostly, it depends on how you use the phone. The more you use the more battery will be used so, depends on the user.

8) Cameras

On Android, there are different cameras on all the phones. Both Android and iPhones have better cameras. iPhone has more things.

CONCLUSION on Android VS iPhone

Android VS iPhone: Which Is Better?

Keep everything together and it is not simple to choose which one to buy. As we know both phones have their advantages and disadvantages. It totally depends on your Budget so, buy the phone according to your budget as iPhones are more expensive if you want to buy the brand new one. If you buy a second-hand phone then you might get it in your budget.

If you as me about Android vs iPhone which is better? The Answer is ANDROID. On Android, you can use all the apps and everything, but in iPhone you can use only selected Apps. Now the choice is yours.

Let us know below in the comment box which is your favourite smartphone and why!

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