Android Q Supports Desktop Mode With This Launcher

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Android Q Beta enables desktop mode version

One of the latest features found in the beta version of Android Q is the Desktop mode. Following in the wake of Samsung Dex, Google has implemented a native option to connect the smartphone to a monitor. So that we can expand the screen and can use the applications as if it were a computer.

Anyhow, the system looks “little green” in theme. In fact, it only consists of a settings button, an empty screen and direct access to the installed applications. No navigation bar, customization options beyond changing the wallpaper and no additional controls. It has potential, although at the moment it is basic. Using a custom launcher, one can access more options.

Custom Desktop Launcher For Android Q

As we can see in the video, when you connect the smartphone to the monitor and activate the desktop mode, instead of the basic interface that was shown before, a more complete one appears and with many more options.

The first thing that draws attention is the bottom bar, where we have the application drawer, the “Home” button and some quick access to certain apps. As well as quick settings to activate or deactivate WiFi and Bluetooth or change the sound mode. By clicking on the application drawer button, all the installed drawer buttons are displayed, also an option to turn off the device or the settings.

The applications are displayed on the screen as Windows programs. It is also possible to control the applications that are open from the phone itself and can close them by removing them from the view of recent applications. In the same way, it is compatible with peripherals.

At the moment, this launcher is still in the development phase, so we will have to wait for. On the one hand, Google needs to implement desktop mode in the final version of Android 10 Q. On another hand, to launch in the form of an app and can be installed on updated smartphones.

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