Android Geo Data is Being Used by Police to Solve Crimes

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Google has introduced its location history feature in the year 2009, it basically stores each and every data about the location your device has been used. Location feature tracks your location simultaneously even if you are not using the Google maps application. Google tracks all of your locations and provides various suggestions according to your commute an even provides you with ads which are matching your usage. Google records all this location information including all the activities you are doing in your Android smartphone in Google database, this database is called “Sensorvault”.

The Police Warrant Process

  1. Law enforcement will request a “geofence warrant” for a specific time and area from a judge.
  2. Google complies with judicial requests and queries Sensorvault for devices in the area. At this stage, Google only labels information with “anonymous ID numbers.”
  3. Police use this data to find “locations and movement patterns” relevant to the crime.
  4. Another request is sent to Google for the devices that belong to possible suspects and witnesses, with the company then revealing usernames and other information.


Google records and captures each and every Android device location and app activities since 2009. This information is requested by the police from Google in order to who solves crimes by knowing the actual location path which the victim has been taken. The procedure of the police uses to capture criminals is easy, the first request for the geofence warrant from the judge on that particular area. In return judge contacts with the Google in a request for the information which are stored in the “Sensorvault”.

Google offers the following information with a unique ID number back to the police. Police read the information and it uses the usage and the location of that particular device to track down the criminal or the crime. In case the police are sure about the criminal, police request the full information about that particular user which can return Google reveals all the personal information including username and password of that particular device.

But there is some negative influence about this feature, sometimes police make an innocent victim by using the complete information which is stored in Google. But still, this information is useful in solving the crime with a speedy rate, as the location history can track down the criminal faster than any other means.

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