Android 11 Is Here: Check Out The Features And Devleopers First Preview

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Google announced the first beta version of Android 11 for developers. This sudden entry of Android 11 surprises everyone with unique features. Without any broken leaks, the new version of Android will reach out in six beta versions. Updates will be released in the months leading up to the Google I / O developer event (May 12-14). Today, we have tried Android 11 on Google Pixel 3a and listed out all its features.

Android 11 features

5G Experience

5G network offers internet with greater speed and lower latency. Taking it as an advantage, Android 11 comes with two new API’s based on 5G networks. It allows us to stream 4K content and can upload high-resolution video games quickly.

Bubble Chats

Android 11 features

Android 11 will now support bubble chat and instant messaging features. With a long press on a messaging application, three options will appear: show as a bubble, postpone notification and silence. If we press ‘Show as bubble’ the conversation will go to a bubble on the side of the device. After clicking on it, it will open in a pop-up window. More often, Android 11 supports copying images using the Gboard clipboard.

Privacy & Security

Android 11 feature a new system to manage permissions, which finally replace “always allow”. So users can give one-time permission to their applications. Google will also improve biometric support, which supports three types of authenticators to meet the needs of multiple devices.

Android 11 features

Meanwhile, the caller identification system will be improved under the standards. Users will be offered options to catalog a call as spam or add the user as a contact.

Screen Display

Android 11 will support punched hole and waterfall screens such as the Huawei P30 Pro and Galaxy S20 Plus. Developers will now create apps that cover the entire screen, including borders.

No Changes In Interface Level

Compare to its previous versions, Android 11 has no major changes in its user interface. The grids, banners, and others are the same size as in previous versions. Only a few icons have been redesigned. Pretty much, screen recording is included.

And one of the most curious changes comes from the hand of the dark theme, which is now customizable. Users will now experience Android 11 in three modes: Light; Gray and Dark themes. The other features include double-tap gestures for assistants and editable screenshots.

In addition to these changes, we have a new system to manage permits, which finally banishes “always allow“. We now have permissions for only one use and permissions when we use the application, a small leap in privacy. While it is somewhat difficult to measure, we have noticed this version is more fluid than the stable Android 10. However, Android 11 is a correct evolution that traces a good way to the final version.

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