Android 11 Developers Preview 2 Is Rolling Out With Major Features

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Android 11 Developers preview 2

Google revealed the second developer’s preview of Android 11. The new version brings a number of new features, both for developers and for users. With each new version of Android, they aim to improve the software, to redesign the interface and to anticipate new technologies. Google makes the evolution of its software with a solid step towards privacy and innovation. Check out the latest news to know more about it.

Improved Screen Recording

Android 11 Developers preview 2

Now Android 11 gives an interface to the screen recorder. The recorder app updated with a stylized panel that includes the privacy warning. Whenever starting a recording, an icon is displayed in the status bar with a countdown of three seconds. Also, during the recording, a permanent icon stays in the same place, indicating that everything we did is being recorded. But, right now, the screen recorder captures only the audio from the microphone. In the future, perhaps in the version of Android 11, this tool to record the screen may also capture the audio of other applications and not only from the microphone. Keep in mind, for now, this is very restricted.

Notification History Is Added

Android 11 Developers preview 2

Now the notification bar can be seen in three sections: Conversations, Alert Notifications and Silenced Notifications. All these are very well visible and making the separation between sections very clear with space. At the bottom left we find direct access to History.

After years of waiting, Google finally supports notification history. You no longer have to use the notification log trick to see what notifications we have previously received. The notification history of Android 11 is disabled by default, so we have to activate it to see the record of past and postponed notifications. So if we mistakenly dismiss a notification we can see it again from the history.

More Focused On 5G

In the coming years, all smartphone companies integrate 5G connectivity features in their products. Aiming the 5G era, Android 11 has included a new API system in the recent DP2. With this, compatible apps can expand their bandwidth for downloads, can minimize latency in multiplayer or choose a higher bit rate in video streaming. The idea is to get more out of the features implicit in 5G.

One of the big changes at the interface level is the detection of the folding angle in foldable devices. Moreover, the ‘call screening’ Assistant extends beyond the application to call Google to integrate a new API that can take advantage of other applications. In this way, we can detect Spam calls more easily.

More Privacy And Security

Android 10 made a huge leap in privacy by detecting location access in the background. And Google decides to move forward on this highly demanded point, including the notice of background access to the microphone and camera.

Android 11 Developer Preview 2 introduces a new manifesto in the attributes of microphone and camera. The apps that allow accessing these hardware components will have to communicate it. So that the system indicates to the user if they have been used in the background. This one-time permission access will boost the system privacy to the next level.

Other Improvements

One of the major features of Android 11 is the summary of the phone after a restart. Till now the system did not start until we entered the access PIN, with Android 11 it will start even if the mobile remains blocked. This is perfect for those who set up automatic nightly updates, for example; or for those who activate the daily restart at dawn.

In Android 11, though, Google may be introducing a way for users to resize picture-in-picture windows. The last innovation highlighted by Google is the compatibility of the system with variable refresh rates. Since this rate is increasing on devices, the system will be able to adapt to jumps between frequencies.

All these news are the ones recognized by Google, but there are still many more brushstrokes that we will be learning about in the coming days.

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