Android 10 Is The Official Name Of Android Q: GoodBye To Desserts

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Android 10

Well, the secret is over. Google has revealed the official name of Android 10 by leaving desserts aside. Android Q will not be Android Quiche or Quesillo, but it will be Android 10. Over a decade, Android is made updated with desert names like KitKat, Oreo, Lollipop, etc…Now all these names are ended up with Android 10.

Google comments that this rebranding is encouraged to make the brand more inclusive and accessible. Currently, Android is available on 2.5 billion devices worldwide. Google confesses that putting sweet names has not been correctly understood by some global communities. So, Android Q will be Android 10, plain and simple.

New Logo And Typography

Android 11

Taking advantage of rebranding, Google has shown the new Android logo design with good typography. Now the name is always shown next to the icon of the famous android, although with a different green. The color palette has also been expanded following the Material Theme. In the video, Google has shown the evolution of the brand for a decade.

In another video, we have seen how this design change has been studied and modified. The new Android logo will begin to be used in the coming weeks with the launch of Android 10.

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