Android 10 (Go Edition) Is Official With High Speed And Secured Features

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Android 10 Go

In this world, there are such people who are using internet through entry-level smartphones. For those, Google wants these people to get the same benefits as people from other parts of the world who have more advanced smartphones.

In this regard, the new version of Android Go edition advances in this direction. According to Google, Android 10 Go edition, will allow users to switch between applications in a faster way. In addition, the boot speed of applications is also improved by 10% compared to Android 9 Go edition.

In terms of security, Google will offer an encryption system called Adiantum. With this system, the same security levels will be offered to all basic level phones without affecting their performance. Since it will not require the phones to work under specific hardware. The company also reported that the inclusion of this system will allow the new generation of devices to be safer than their predecessors. It allows millions of global people to access the Internet for the first time in a secure way.

Now Experience Every Application

But in addition to the operating system itself, the applications also play a prominent role in the experiences that users receive in this type of mobile devices. Since the recent improvements allowed to save storage space, and even data consumption.

Android 10 Go

Google highlights recent updates of its own apps such as Google Go. It highlights its function of reading aloud powered by Artificial Intelligence to facilitate the tracking of extensive content in a simple way. The recently updated Go family of applications also includes Google Lens, YouTube Go, and Gallery Go. On the other hand, many other third-party applications. They have been adapted to run smoothly within basic Android Go devices, such as Uber, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Spotify.

Google also offers more data about Android Go. In this regard, 500 manufacturers have launched more than 1,600 phone models under Android Go to more than 180 countries. Android 10 Go edition will arrive throughout this fall season, without Google offering a more specific date, just “later this fall. Perhaps, in mid-October, everyone could know about its launch. Since it will be next October 15, where Google celebrates its presentation event of the new Pixel phones.

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