An Indoor Mapping System Based On Augmented Reality: Startup Hunt

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Augmented Reality in maps

Today, moving from point A to point B is not so difficult. Even if you do not know the city or area, Google maps will show you the way. Now imagine a situation in which, for sure, many turned out to be: you got to the destination, entered the building and … get lost. Where to go? Where is my office /store/department? It is quite possible that such situations will soon be avoided because the US company is developing a technology for mapping and indoor navigation based on augmented reality (AR).

It is worth noting that Apple already promised something similar to us. Only here the Cupertino built their system on iBeacon devices that need to be installed. Immediately, no “beacons” are needed. Only a smartphone is needed.

Everything works quite simply: the technology is integrated into the internal maps of the premises. It can find out where the user is at the moment, and then show the right directions on the smartphone screen. To do this, use the camera of the device and the path is projected on the screen in real time. In fact, this is very similar to the AR mode in Google Maps, except that it is intended for indoor use and not for street navigation.

Augmented Reality in maps

The development is called Dent Reality and the software part relies on both GPS data and special algorithms for determining the position of the user. Algorithms include methods for measuring distance, recognizing objects inside a building, and options for displaying a virtual path with incredible accuracy.

Moreover, the program is based on an open SDK, so third-party developers can make their own improvements in it. In addition, the developers have opened access to the materials on the basis of which the algorithms were built. At the moment, the technology looks very promising, but it is at a very early stage and still far from release. However, if the developers and their partners succeed, we will get a very convenient tool for orientation in unfamiliar rooms.

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