Alert! Over 140 Harmful Bugs Found In Your Smartphone

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Android malware

Kryptowire, a computer security company, publishes a report on applications installed in Android smartphones every year. This study is supported by the US Department of Homeland Security.

The company is investigating firmware and software pre-installed by manufacturers on smartphones. In the latest report, experts found 146 applications with vulnerabilities that could be used by malware.

All these applications are preinstalled by manufacturers on low-cost smartphones. They offer fraudsters the opportunity to eavesdrop on the built-in microphone, change unilateral access permissions and secretly transmit data to the manufacturer. All this – without the knowledge of use.

Similar vulnerabilities were found on smartphones from 29 different manufacturers. The list includes eminent companies such as Sony, Samsung, and Xiaomi. An average Android smartphone consists of 100 – 400 pre-installed applications. And the vulnerabilities in them are hiding and growing rapidly. The list also consists of newbie smartphones like Pocophone and Realme.

According to experts, the problem is not insoluble. Kryptowire CEO Angelos Stavrou noted that Google may require more careful code analysis. Also, Google has to take care of vendor responsibility on Android products.

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