9 Best Zoom Alternatives For Video Conferencing

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Looking for alternatives to Zoom? Thousands of people these days looking for the best video calling apps. Out of them, most using the Zoom app. Of course, there are people who still searching for video calling apps other than Zoom. For those, we have compiled a list of best zoom alternatives that reviewers voted best overall compared to Zoom.

9 Best Zoom Alternatives For Video Conferencing

Let’s dive deep into the topic and see which are the best zoom alternatives for video calling.

1) Microsoft Teams

If you use Office 365 at work, you probably already know Microsoft Teams, where all your conversations, files, meetings and applications live in the same space that you can easily access from your mobile device. Teams allow you to manage projects remotely, including the ability to edit and share files. You can connect face-to-face with HD video and audio and participate in meetings from anywhere. You can also chat, privately or in a group, and communicate through designated channels, save conversations, customize notifications, search within chats and conversations, all with security at the business level. This application requires a paid commercial subscription to Office 365 or a subscription to Microsoft Teams.

2) Skype

If you’re want to meet your team and present your progress on an important project, then Skype is a video calling tool. It allows Group video calling up to 50 people to meet and can collaborate with ease. With the group shared screen, you can present PowerPoint slides, video recordings and much more to the entire team.

3) Cisco Webex

Webex is a video-conferencing app that has existed for more than 20 years and was acquired by Cisco in 2007. It has a very good free version that you should consider as an alternative to Zoom. In these weeks, it has expanded the features of the freemium version from 50 to 100 participants. In addition, it improves the 40-minute limit on meetings and adds the possibility of making calls.

4) Facetime

If your team is small and everyone is a user of Apple products, the most immediate tool for you is Group FaceTime. Up to 32 people can participate through their iPhone, iPad or Mac. The Californian company ensures that video calls are encrypted from end to end, to ensure the privacy of the participants.

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5) Hangouts

Does your company use G Suite, from Gmail to Drive? So, this Google service, especially for companies, will be the perfect complement for your team. So that they can easily meet from a distance.

Among its features, it is possible to join video calls with a simple link. It encrypts both the audio and video broadcasts for those who are concerned about their privacy.

6) Google Duo

In some Android phones, this app is already installed by default. So you can quickly make group calls with up to eight of your contacts or colleagues.

Like most of Google’s products, this one is distinguished by not being complicated at all. In addition, all your calls will be encrypted and will be private to you and the person you call.

7) Zoho

The platform stands out for its excellent administration and management options for businesses. This app is made as easy as possible for workers to join and obtain recordings. It is possible to link to the conferences in the email and create reminders so that the team has all the details. More often, it includes screen sharing and internal chat.

8) Bluejeans

BlueJeans offers business video conferencing via Wi-Fi or 4G LTE. This app is a simple and affordable way to organize or participate in video conferencing from anywhere. The app works in conjunction with the BlueJeans service to provide group video calls with a variety of conference systems such as Polycom, Cisco, LifeSize and Microsoft Lync. You can hold meetings using the BlueJeans app with an existing BlueJeans account. Although you don’t need an account to participate in a meeting, which can have up to 25 participants or 100 with the premium service. Recent versions offer three types of video conferencing: standard, which includes audio, video, and content; low data, with only audio and content; and an audio-only in-transit meeting mode.

9) GoToMeeting

You may already know GoToMeeting, a popular desktop application. Its mobile version offers accessible and reliable meetings from anywhere on the planet. One can join any meeting without any registry. You can also create a meeting from a phone or tablet for free, and you can enjoy clear audio in VoIP, face-to-face video conferencing. The app has the ability to share your screen with other participants, give control of the presentation to others and the ability to view presentations. You can also check your scheduled meetings and receive alerts when a meeting is about to start, in addition to chatting with other participants. If you were already using GoToMeeting in the office, you can synchronize your calendar with your mobile device to enter meetings and use a special mode with which you can save up to 90 percent of your data when you join a mobile meeting. The latest versions feature some improvements, an easier way to share screens and more.

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