Top 50 Reasons why Android is better than iPhone

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There has been a long battle between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems. Both these operating systems have a huge user base and fans. As we all know, the tech giants are trying to improve their operating systems each day to make sure their OS is the best for smartphones. There are certain differences between the operating systems and they have their selling points. However, in this article, we will be talking about the top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone.

As we said, we know that both the operating systems have their pros and cons. In certain aspects iOS which runs on iPhones does better than Android (for example, pushing OTA updates to older phones). Then there are other times when Android does better. However, we at MyFirstAndroid will be helping you to make up your mind in case you are stuck while selecting between Android and iOS for yourself. Below are the top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone.

Top 50 Reasons why Android is better than iPhone

top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone

Well, as you might understand, this is going to be a pretty long article. So, sit back, take a drink and relax and keep reading.

1.  Personalization

This probably the most common point ever. Whenever you’ll ask someone why Android is better they will state this point and that’s justified. Over the years, I have used both Android as well as iPhones and I have to admit it that Android gives us far more freedom to personalize our device than Apple does. For example, you can’t even place app icons anywhere you want to on an iPhone. However, Android lets you do that and much more. In the case of iOS, you can’t change the font, you can’t have a custom icon pack and then to set a custom ringtone is just a painful process. You can do all these on Android without much work.

2. Different Options to Unlock Your Phone

All current-generation iPhones only have Apple’s Face ID as a security measure to unlock your phone. Other than that, there’s only a 4 digit or 6 digit pin to keep the phone secure. While on iPhone 8 and older iPhones there’s Touch ID which is Apple’s fingerprint scanner along with the pin option. On the other hand, many Android phones these days come with under the glass fingerprint scanner, face unlock and even iris scanner for better security measures. Well, it’s just Android phones have more options when it comes to unlocking your device.

3. Different App Stores 

The third point in our list of the top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone is about App stores. Both Google and Apple have their app stores, namely, Play Store and App Store. But if you have used an Android phone, then you will probably know that you can download apps from other app stores as well. Downloading apps on Android is not restricted to Google Play Store only. You can install any third-party app store of your choice and download apps from there. The Amazon App store used to let you download one paid app every day. However, this is not the case for iOS devices. If you are using an iPhone then you are stuck with Apple App Store only.

4. Sideloading of Apps

Similarly like you can choose to use other app stores, you can also sideload apps on Android. You can search on the internet for any apk file and then simply download and install it. Or, you can collect the apk file from your friends or family members and use it to install the app. However, this is not at all possible on iPhone devices without jailbreaking. Pirated apps are a bit of a problem in the case of Android. A lot of the paid apps are available on the Internet and anyone can just download them and install it on their phone.

5. Regular Security Updates

Android phones like the Pixel smartphones and the other phones which run stock Android-like experience receives monthly security updates from their OEMs. These updates are important and these fixes many new vulnerabilities that might be there on your smartphone. Apple also pushes regular updates and even the old devices get the new updates. However, they don’t push security updates every month as Google does. Apple pushes it when it’s important or with some feature updates.

6. The Back Button

iPhone has always had only one physical button at the front of the device. This button works as the home button and fingerprint scanner. The story has been the same until the iPhone X launched in 2017. With the launch of iPhone X and newer devices, iOS released gesture-based systems. You can easily go back to newer devices thanks to the gestures. However, in the iPhone 8 and other older devices, there has been no particular back button. In most apps, there has been a back button at the top and in some apps like Safari, it is at the bottom. This inconsistency is not the best thing. Moreover, the back button on the top corner is not easy to reach if you are using a bigger device.

7. File Sharing

File sharing is yet another feature of Android which makes life much more easier. You can share any files through apps like Shareit, Xender, etc. Moreover, you can also use the WiFi direct feature to share files. The best part of this is unlike Apple’s AirDrop (which only works with Apple products) these tools can be used to share files between any smartphones running Android regardless of the manufacturer. There are a lot of ways to share files on Android. However, in the case of the iPhone, there’s the only AirDrop which works between Apple devices.

8. Downloading Torrents is Easier

Well, we don’t support piracy but there are many people who do. So, if you care about downloading torrents on your smartphone then you should definitely go for an Android smartphone. Downloading a torrent on Android is pretty easy. Just download any torrent downloader like Utorrent or Flud. Now, open a torrent or a magnet link using these apps and your movie or game will start downloading right on your phone. That’s how simple it is. On the other hand, there are no direct apps that can download the files on to your phone.

9. Support for External Memory

Another point in our list of the top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone is support for external memory. Nowadays when people buy new phones, storage is one of the most important points they consider. With a huge number of apps and games breaking through there’s a high chance one might run out of storage. That’s when an external memory card comes to the rescue. With an external Micro SD card, one can easily increase their phone storage and it comes handy in the long run. The iPhones don’t support any external memory card. Thus, people buying iPhones are stuck with internal storage only. Whereas, most Android phones have support for MicroSD cards and it is very useful for the users.

10. Rooting

top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone

If you are using Android smartphones for a long time you probably have heard about rooting. If you root your smartphone, then you can unlock many hidden features that are otherwise not possible to use. Moreover,  it is pretty easy to install the latest version of Android on rooted phones. Not only that, but there are also apps specially created for rooted devices that have special abilities. On an iPhone, there’s jailbreak but it is not available for every iOS version and it is pretty hard to find support if anything goes wrong.

11. OTG Support

OTG support is another reason why Android is better than iPhone. Most Android phones these days come with support for OTG. You can just use a Micro USB to USB connector and plug in your external hard drives, USB sticks, and other devices. Even with USB Type-C as well one can easily use OTG. However, on an iPhone, this is not easy work at all. There are only a few USB sticks which support lightning connector. Moreover, you will need a dedicated app to move files as well.

12. Availability

Apple launches two-three iPhones every year during September and most of them are premium and ultra-premium devices. However, if you consider other brands like Samsung, Realme, Redmi, OnePlus they launch a lot more devices each year. So, if you go with an Android OEM then you will have far more options than iPhones. More devices will be available for you to choose from. Well, yet another reason in our list of the top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone.

13. Pricing

This point is pretty much the same as the previous one. As mentioned in the last point, in a year a lot of Android device launches when compared to Apple products. Many of these devices target different price segments as well. Brands like Realme and Redmi target the mid-range segment, whereas Oneplus targets the high-end segments etc. However, Apple’s generally targets for high and ultra-high-end segments for their iPhones. So, if you don’t have a huge budget, there’s nothing to worry about. You’ll find amazing Android smartphones at a much lesser price as well.

14. IR Blaster

IR blaster used to be a feature in most premium Android devices earlier. It is pretty fun to use. You can just use a single app to control your TV, set-top box, AC and more electronic devices. These days there are very few devices that come with IR blasters. However, if you want IR blaster in your smartphone then you have to look for Android devices. Because iPhone’s do not come with this amazing feature.

15. Clearing Cache

If you have used an iPhone then you might probably know how hard it is to clear the junk file. Often the system takes a huge amount of the available storage. This storage mostly gets filled with temporary files, logs, and other data. Generally, storage is an issue when it comes to an iPhone. Even today, the base version of each iPhone starts at 64 GB. If most of that is taken by temporary files then it will be a huge issue. The problem becomes even worse as there is no direct way to clear cache and temporary data. You have to either reset your device or use unofficial tricks. Whereas on Android, you can just go to settings > device > storage and from there clear the unnecessary temporary files.

16. File Manager

Another reason in our list of top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone is that on iPhone there is a lack of proper file manager. Even sometime back iOS devices had no file manager at all by default. However, Apple added a file manager application called ‘Files’ from iOS 11. The app somewhat fulfills the requirements of a file manager. But it only shows the files and documents you downloaded on your phone memory and iCloud. It doesn’t show any files or folder other than that. But on Android, by default, the file manager shows all the files and folders present in the device, including system files.  So, if you want a proper file manager then obviously select Android.

17. User Base

All over the world, there is a greater number of people using Android devices rather than iPhones. The pricing, disadvantages of iOS and other reasons mentioned above are many of the causes. With such a huge number of people using Android, you can expect better developer support, forums, and an active community. All these things will surely help you to get a better experience and faster solution to your problems.

18. High Rate of Competition

There are hundreds of OEMs who sell Android devices around the world. On the other hand, iOS is only used by Apple. So you will find a lot of options at the same price range if you choose between Android devices. All the manufactures on Android offer better specifications and technologies to make their device attractive than other manufacturers. This competition among Android OEMs helps to keep the price down of smartphones to sell more devices. However, Apple doesn’t have any other OEMs using iOS. So, in terms of OS usage, Apple doesn’t have any competition. So, they price their devices according to their own choice.

19. iTunes

Another huge reason in our list of the top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone is iTunes. If you have used an iPhone then you might know how problematic the procedure is to move files from your PC to your Phone. There is no direct way to move files from your PC to your iPhone other than iTunes. Moreover, there are only a selected set of files that can be copied like image files, songs, and some documents. There is no direct way to copy even simple images from your PC to the iPhone other than using iTunes. Now, being a former iPhone user, I know this can be very frustrating at times.

Well, on the other hand, you can just connect your Android smartphone to your PC and then move files from or to the device. That’s how simple it is. Plug and play! no software required at all.

20. Availability of Google’s Services

There are lots of people who use Google’s services for their day to day tasks. Gmail, Google Calendar, Keep, etc are some of the apps which are used by many people on a day to day basis. All these apps sync the data with your Google account and these files can be accessed from other connected devices as well. Most of the Google apps are available on iOS but they don’t come preinstalled like on Android. Moreover, you can expect updates to be slower in comparison to Android. If you are using Google services every day then you might consider an Android device. It just works better with Google services.

21. Payment Options

If you consider both the stores, then are multiple ways through which you can complete your transactions on Google Play Store. You can either go for debit cards, credit cards or you can use net banking. Moreover, Google has also added the option to use BHIM UPI (in India) to pay for apps and subscriptions. You can also buy Google Play vouchers from other apps like Paytm etc. On the other side, if you consider App Store, it only takes payments through credit cards in India. There are some global debit cards supported on the App store but for that, you’ll need to have internet payments turned on by your bank. Paying for an application on the Google Play Store is just more simple.

22. Developer Community

Like we earlier mentioned the majority of the world is using Android as their smartphone’s operating system. Thanks to this huge number of customers there are lots of developers working to create amazing apps for the ecosystem. The best part about this is, most of these developers are very helpful. There are multiple forums and if someone needs any helps there are always a lot of people who help to solve the issue. Furthermore, there are lots of open-source projects available on Android. These open-source projects help other developers and thanks to these awesome communities you see wonderful apps on Android.

23. Free Services

Another huge difference you will notice if you move from iOS to Android is the number of free services. In the case of iOS, there will be a very limited number of free services. Most of the services are paid. For example, any good VPN app is paid or comes with a subscription on iOS. Very few among these are free and worth using. However, this is certainly not the case on Android. Here, you can find multiple free services. They might come with ads but they do work fine and that’s the goal. Moreover, if you don’t care about pirated apps then you can even get modded versions of premium apps and services. For example, you can see the Spotify modded app, it has all the premium features of Spotify and it also looks exactly the same. So, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on app purchases and subscriptions then Android should be your choice.

24. Huge Collection of Apps

Just like we mentioned in the last point, thanks to the awesome developer community and many free services the number of apps available on Google Play Store is more than Apple’s App Store. As per a report of Statista, Google Play Store has 2,570,000 apps as of the 4th quarter of 2019. Whereas, the App Store has 1,840,000 apps until the same period. Well, you can clearly see the difference there. Google Play has 730,000 apps more than the App Store. So, if you want to choose from a huge collection of apps then Google Play Store should be your option. This is another big reason in our list of the top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone.

25. Charging Options

top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone

it has been quite some time since Apple is using the new lightning connector for charging and data transfer of iPhones. However, in Android smartphones, you will see Micro USB and USB Type-C ports. These days most mid-range and premium Android devices come with USB Type-C ports. Even some of the cheaper smartphones are launching with Type-C ports. The Type-C accessories are very common these days and they are very popular. So, you can easily get accessories as well as charging cables very easily. Furthermore, the Type-C accessories are not costly at all. However, the lightning cables and accessories come for a premium price. Not only that, they are not always available. So, if you are opting for an apple device then be ready to sell out more cash on accessories.

26. Google Cam

Google camera can be yet another reason in our list of top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone. Most of the Android users know how powerful the post-processing of Google Camera is. The app can turn a very basic camera into an impressive one. The outputs are much better and contain a lot of detail when Google Cam is used. The best part is the Google Cam port is available for most devices out there. So, one can enhance the photos from their smartphone’s camera using Google Cam. On recent iPhones, the camera is generally really good and post-processing is very good as well. But in the case of iPhone X and older devices post-processing and night mode are not that good. On an older Android device, you can go for Google Cam to make the images better. But you don’t have that option with iPhone X and older devices.

27. NFC

Most of the premium Android devices come with support for NFC. NFC has various use cases. It can be used to write NFC tags, connect with other devices like cameras, smartphones, etc. Moreover, it can also be used to add your debit and credit card on your phone and pay from those at PoS terminals. On Android devices, you can use NFC for many tasks. But on an iPhone, you can only pay through Apple Pay. Apple restricts NFC to Apple Pay only. Any other apps cannot use the NFC of an iPhone. So it is basically just limited to Apple Pay. This is another reason in our list of the top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone.

28. Bluetooth File Transfer

Just like NFC, Bluetooth is also limited on an iPhone. On iOS devices, Bluetooth can be only used to pair with Bluetooth accessories. You can pair your iOS device with Bluetooth earbuds, headphones, speakers, smart devices, etc. However, you can not share any files through Bluetooth on iPhones. This feature is disabled on every iPhone. On the other hand, every Android device supports file transfer using Bluetooth. The speeds of Bluetooth file sharing are very low but still, it is better to have the feature.

29. Screen Refresh Rates

Another reason in our list of the top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone is the higher refresh rate. Currently, all the iPhones come with a standard 60 Hz screen refresh rate. But when you see Android devices, most of the premium devices come with a 90 Hz or 120 Hz refresh rate. Not only that, even mid-range devices these days are debuting with 90 Hz and 120 Hz displays. The higher refresh rate makes the scrolling feel smoother. The display feels more fluid and gives a better user experience. Not only that, but many games are trying to make use of the higher refresh rates. When that happens it will surely give an edge to smartphones having high refresh rates rather than standard 60 Hz displays. Currently, the iPad Pro comes with a 120 Hz display but not a single iPhone has support for 90 or 120 Hz displays.

30. Dual Sim Cards

Most low, mid and premium range Android devices have support for dual sims in India. This allows a person to use two numbers at a time. One can be used as a primary number for calls and texts and the other one as the secondary number. Many of the Android devices have dual sim card slots. So, you can swap sim cards very easily. Other devices have a hybrid slot where you can either use two nano sim cards or one nano sim card and a memory card. iPhones earlier only had one sim card slot. However, these days the newer iPhones are coming with a physical sim card slot and an esim. Here in case of an esim, you have to manually add a network through the provider’s website. Not only it is a more complex procedure but you cannot swap sims easily as well.

31. Linking with Windows

If you want to link your iPhone to Windows, then you have to first connect it using the lightning cable. Then, you will need iTunes so that you can move your photos, videos, and music. Even after that, you can’t share other files or mirror your smartphone. However, on Android, it is very simple. You can just connect your phone to your PC using cable or Bluetooth. Then download the Your Phone app and use it to do all these things. Moreover, you can text someone from your PC using the app. Not only that, but you can also reply to notifications of your phone from your PC itself. Due to this huge advantage, this point is also in our list of the top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone.

32. Notification LED Light

Most Android phones come with a notification LED light. This light can blink when there’s a notification. This helps us to notice the notifications even when the phone is locked itself. Moreover, it can be customized to show different colors for notifications from different apps. I personally like the notification LED light and to me, it seems cool. At least, Android users have it as an option on most phones (it can be turned off as well). But on Apple devices, there is no notification LED light provided.

33. Google Assistant

Another reason in our list of the top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone is Google Assistant. If you have an Android device you have probably come across Google Assistant. It is a smart virtual assistant which helps you with many things. From notifying you about traffic conditions on your way to the office to booking a flight for you, Google Assistant can do it all. On Apple devices, you get Siri as your personal assistant. Siri works just fine. It can do most jobs which a virtual assistant should do but still Google Assistant just works better. Moreover, if you already use Google’s services like Gmail, Google Calendar, or GDrive then Assistant can do much more.

34. Split-Screen View

If you love multitasking then Android should be your choice. On an Android smartphone, you can easily open apps in the split-screen mode. In this mode, you can open two apps at once. The screen gets split between the apps and you can simultaneously use both the apps. Like for example you can see a video on youtube as well as take notes through the notes app at the same time. This can be super helpful at times. Moreover, you can also choose which app gets how much screen space. But again, you miss it all on an iPhone. Yet, another reason to choose Android over iPhone.

35. Pop-up View

If you have used the split-screen view then you might also know about the pop-up view. Here, you can open apps in the pop-up mode. Doing this will open a small bubble on your screen of the app. If you tap on the bubble it expands and opens the app.  You can again minimize it and do other stuff. It is pretty useful when you keep switching between the same apps multiple times. The feature is almost the same as the Facebook Messenger chat heads feature. But again, this feature is also missing on iOS. That’s why it is another reason in our list of the top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone.

36. Stylus Support

top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone

Android smartphones also come with optional support for a stylus. For example, the whole Samsung Galaxy Note series of smartphones do feature a stylus. The big screen of the phone can be used to take notes, write down numbers, to draw or highlight something, etc. Sometimes it is fun and the whole experience of using a smartphone does change which is a good thing. However, no Apple smartphones come with support for a stylus as of now. There are some Apple iPads that support Apple pencil but those are not really smartphones so we will not count that.

37. Open Source

In case you don’t know, Android is open source and iOS is not. That’s why Android has a few advantages over iOS. Thanks to Google, as Android is open-source people can customize it and use it whichever way they want. Moreover, developers can work on the already public files of Android and customize them to their needs. This way more developers show interest in Android and more apps and options do launch. Furthermore, as it is open source, more people get their hands on the source codes and if there are any vulnerabilities then there are more chances of finding it sooner. However, that’s not the case with iOS which is copyright protected.

38. Availability of Languages

If you are an Indian then this can be an important point for you to choose between Android and iPhone. An iPhone can be only used in English (different versions available) and other foreign languages. For operating the phone English is probably the only language you can your iPhone within India. There are no regional languages available on the iPhone. But on most Android smartphones you get many regional languages like Bengali, Tamil, Telegu, Hindi, Gujrati, etc as well along with English and other languages. So, you can use your smartphone in your mother tongue if you want to. Moreover, this also helps elderly people who are not really familiar with smartphones. If you consider the keyboard though, regional languages are available on both Android as well as iPhones.

39. Always on Display

The always-on display is a nifty feature that keeps a portion of the display always turned on. This feature is most common in case OLED displays. In OLED display pixels can light up individually unlike backlit LCD displays which light up as a whole. So, the battery consumption is pretty low even with always-on display kept turned on. You can set to show the date and time, notifications, app icons, battery level, music playback options and more with the always-on display. This is a common feature in mid and high range Samsung phones. You can also get AOD with other Android OEMs as well. But it is not available on any iPhones yet.

40. Gesture Options

If you are using an old iPhone then there are no gestures based controls. You have to use the physical home button to operate your phone on a daily basis. However, if you are using a newer iPhone model that doesn’t have the home button then there are some gestures. There are some easy to use gestures which you have to learn in order to use the phone. There are no other options to navigate the device. However, on Android, along with gestures you will get the navigation buttons as well. The navigation buttons are easier to use and it does the same job. Also, you can customize the gestures on Android smartphones. Even, some Android smartphones come with many gesture sets pre-installed.

41. Heart Rate Sensor

top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone

One big advantage of purchasing an Android phone is you get many sensors on your phone. Many flagship Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S and Note Series has the heart rate sensor in the phone. You can just keep your finger on the heart rate sensor for a small time period and it will show your heart rate. You can use it to keep track of your health on a regular basis. However, we do not advise you to use it for medical purposes as it is not completely accurate. Still, this is a nifty feature to have. But there are no iPhones yet with heart rate sensors. This is another reason in our list of the top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone.

42. Availability of Accessories

As we discussed, Android smartphones are available in different price ranges. There are flagship phones as well as cheap Android phones as well. Thus, most people do purchase Android smartphones. Due to this huge user base, there are lots of accessories available as well. Starting from USB type-C to type-C tables to OTG cables there are lots of accessories. Moreover, they are very easy to find and are relatively cheap as well. But, iPhones are premium smartphones. Moreover, the userbase is low in some countries. So, the accessories are a bit hard to get and they are often costlier as well.

43. Google Lens

Google Lens is another unique application which is why this is in our list of top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone. You can use the Google lens to point your smartphone’s camera at an object or some word and it will show relevant information regarding that. Suppose you point your camera at something written in Chinese then Google Lens will try to show you the translation of that sentence in English. Similarly, if you point your camera at some fruit it shows more details about it. Google Lens is a very useful feature for Android smartphones.

44. Hidden Easter Eggs

In Android, you’ll find hidden easter eggs as well. You can tap twice or thrice continuously on the Android version in the about phone section and it will open the easter egg of that Android version. Earlier, the flappy bird type game used to be very popular. On Android as well you have easter eggs. Other than the Android version there are other hidden features in Android as well. So, if you want to explore them all or have fun with your phone then you should definitely go for Android. In the iPhone, there are no hidden features and easters eggs available.

45. Developer Options

The developer option is another useful option that you get with your Android smartphone. You can turn on developer options on your phone by tapping on the operating system build number three times. Once you enable it then go back to the main settings menu and scroll all the way down to developer options. From developer options, you can customize your phone even further. You can change the animation speed or you can turn it off completely. All these options are useful for the developers and also for those who want to customize every bit of their smartphone. But none of these features are available on an iPhone. This is another reason why power users should go for an Android device rather than iPhones.

46. Different Hardware Options

If you are going to buy an Android smartphone you get options to choose from different hardware. You can go for a device considering your budget. Moreover, you also get to choose from different chipsets, ram and storage variants. This is really great for most people as they can get what they are looking for. However, if you choose an iPhone then you are stuck with whatever chipset, ram, and storage options Apple provides. Well, this is not the best option for many of us.

47. Dynamic Lock Screen

If you like to change your home screen and lock screen wallpapers then you should go with Android. Android smartphones these days offer dynamic lock screens. In the case of Dynamic Lock Screens, you get to see a brand new wallpaper every time your press the power button. The lock screen wallpaper constantly keeps changing and doesn’t make you bored with the same wallpaper. This feature is also available for home screens with some Android smartphones. But no such feature is available yet on the iPhone. So, choose wisely!

48. Availability of Widgets

top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone

Most of the Android users use app widgets on their home screen. For example, the weather, time and the google search bar are the most commonly used widgets on Android. Widgets are very useful small app features which you can pin on your home screen. Most apps also have their widgets on Android. Like, you can pin the Spotify widget or any other music widget if you listen to music very often. Widgets are also available on iOS. But there is a particular page for widgets. Furthermore, they are listed one after another. So, widgets on iOS are not really useful.

49. Default Apps

Another influential reason in our list of the top 50 reasons why Android is better than iPhone is the selection of default apps. On an Android phone, you can choose which apps you want to be the default. For example, you can choose between Google Sheets and Microsoft Office to open excel files by default every time. Similarly, you can choose the default browser, music player, pdf file opener, etc. However, on iOS, all of this is restricted. You cannot change the default browser, pdf file reader or other options. You have to manually open those apps first and then you have to open the files which you want to open with that app. This is frustrating at times and that’s why you should consider the points before getting an iPhone.

50. USB Type-C

Finally, our last point in this whole article is the USB Type-C port. This is a huge issue for most people. First of all Apple’s iPhones come with the lightning port. The lightning is not a bad port by any means. But by 2020 standards  it is pretty slow. The USB Type-C used in the case of Android is pretty fast. Also, charging is slower as well in the case of lightning ports. Moreover, USB Type-C is used heavily in most smartphones so finding a USB Type-C accessory is easier and cheaper as well. But lightning accessories are hard to find and they are costlier. This is another big reason why Android is better than iPhone.

If you are going to purchase a new smartphone in 2020 then make sure to research a bit about everything. Do not purchase any smartphone just because of the hype. Think about your requirements and also about your budget. There are lots of value for money devices available in every price segment. Android smartphones have come a long way and are mostly priced well in India. Just use the internet and get the best smartphone at your budget. So, what do you think? Which is a better choice Android or iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

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