Here are 5 Tips to Save Battery Life on Android

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While buying a new smartphone one of the main things which I look for is the battery. I believe many of you are also concerned about the battery life of a smartphone and that’s the reason you are reading this article. No wonder it plays a major role while picking a new smartphone. The battery backup of a smartphone depends on a few things like usage, battery capacity and the environment you are in. Everyone wants to save battery life on Android.

However, things are more challenging these days considering the latest smartphones comes with amazing displays, more powerful SoCs and many added features. Lithium-ion batteries generally degrade with time and repetitive use. Degraded batteries can affect the performance of the smartphone and the phone can be dead even before a full day of usage. Thankfully there are a few things which can be done in order to keep the battery as healthy as possible for a longer period of time. In this article, we will be guiding you on how to save battery life on your android smartphone and get the most out of it.

5 Ways to Save Battery Life on Android

Save Battery Life on Android

We have shared some pro tips to save battery on your Android device. Just check out the list below and use your smartphone all the time without worrying about battery draining.

1. Turn off Location Settings

5 Ways to Save Battery Life on Android

You might not use a ton of apps but still, you can get battery drainage issues. One such reason behind this could be that you probably keep the location settings on your phone on. Now, the location sensor is very useful and can help you to find what’s around you. However, it’s not necessary to always keep it on. It’s pretty obvious that you don’t use navigation apps or book cabs all the time. So you can just turn the Location settings off from the settings.

While you keep the location settings on even when you don’t need it, many apps running in the background use the sensor and that consumes your battery. Another thing is GLONASS and GPS is highly accurate these days and thus it needs extra power to measure and show the data to you accurately. Thus making the sensor more battery hungry. Turning off the Location Settings when not in use is a good way to save battery life on android.

2. Use WiFi over Mobile Data

5 Ways to Save Battery Life on Android

You might have a monthly plan which includes data benefits. However, it would be better to use WiFi instead of Mobile data if you want to save battery life on Android. To achieve higher data speeds through mobile data your phone uses a lot more power to search for the signals and thus it consumes more battery power. Moreover, if your phone constantly changes between 3G or 4G due to low signals the battery consumption will be a lot. Whereas in case of WiFi the signal strength is generally a lot better as the router stays somewhere close. Moreover, the frequency doesn’t change even in case of weak signals. So it consumes less battery than mobile data. Thus using WiFi is an option to save power.

3. Use Dark Mode

Using dark mode is a good way to save battery life on Android as well. If your smartphone comes with an OLED display then this could be pretty helpful. OLED displays don’t need any type backlighting to generate the colors on your screen. It illuminates every pixel individually. Now, if you turn on dark mode or use any dark wallpapers then the pixels turn off completely to create the black colors. Because the pixels go off completely in OLED displays the battery consumption by the display thus becomes very low. It also consumes less battery than regular to generate dark colors like grey.

So, if you use dark colored (black or grey) wallpapers then your battery backup increases. It increases even further if you use system-wide dark mode. The system-wide dark mode applies dark backgrounds to settings, system apps, and other apps as well.

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4. Change to a Lower Screen Resolution

If you own a high-end smartphone then your phone will pretty much come with a very high-resolution display. The display will also have a good amount of pixel density. But it is pretty normal that high-resolution displays draw in more power. Thus reducing battery backup. So you can manually adjust the screen resolution of your device to a lower resolution. That will indeed save you a good amount of battery life.

However, not every smartphone manufacturer allows it. On Samsung flagships, you can go Settings > Display > Screen ResolutionThen from there select HD+ or FHD+ whichever you want. HD+ will save the most battery life on Android.

5. Stop Apps from Running in the Background

Most apps we use daily runs on the background even after we exit them. Naturally, this increases battery consumption. This is a known problem with Android. However, it can be easily fixed with a bit of tweaking. Go to Settings > App & Notifications. From there select the app which you want to restrict and then tap on Advanced > Battery > Background Restriction. This will restrict the app from using the battery on the background. You can do the same with all the apps that you don’t use often. It will certainly improve the battery life on your Android smartphone.

So these were our 5 tips to save battery life on Android smartphones. If you are still facing battery issues then there might be something wrong with your battery. In that case, contact the service center and get it replaced. You can also drop a comment if these tips helped you to save battery life on Android.

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