5 Best Universal Remote Control Apps For Android In 2020

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Nowadays, one can find dozens of apps for various purposes on PlayStore. Some may transform your phone into a baby monitor, an advanced calculator, a scanner or even a metal detector.

best universal remote control apps android

Now, there are some apps that turn your mobile into a universal remote control. They can allow you to change the channel, adjust the volume or turn off the television. You can find those apps for free from Google PlayStore. Of course, your phone must have an infrared port to use them. If your phone has such a feature, then here are the best universal remote control app to use.

1) MI Remote

Although it has been developed by Xiaomi, it is compatible with any Android phone and allows you to control the televisions of top brands. In addition, one can control air conditioning, Blu-Ray players or projectors. Almost all the Xiaomi phones have an inbuilt infrared sensor. So, you can use it to control the Mi TV, the set-top boxes and any Smart TV that supports standard protocols via WiFi. It has more than 10 million downloads and available in a free version with no ads.

2) AnyMote Universal Remote

One more popular remote control app from Google Play is AnyMote. It has 10 million downloads and has a four-star rating of more than 50,000 reviews. In addition to controlling the TV, it can be used for security cameras, DVD players and any compatible devices at home. In fact, this app supports more than 900,000 devices. It also allows you to create macros to simplify options and rearrange the buttons. More often it gives you the option to pause playback when you receive a call. But it includes ads and has a paid version.

3) SURE Universal

SURE Universal is an IoT based app that can be fully integrated into your home. This app allows you to control any appliance in your home. Due to its standard OCF, it can support various smart home technologies. In fact, it allows you to share photos from your Android device to the TV. More often, you can integrate the app with Amazon Alexa also. SURE Universal lets you control more than a million electronic appliances.

4) Google Home

If you are using Google assistant in your home, then this is an app that sets up, manages and controls your Google Home, Chromecast, and connected devices. One-touch allows you to control your entire home from air conditioners to LED lights. The Discover tab allows you to get new features and updates on your compatible devices. More often, you can control streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

5) Peel Remote App

Peel Universal Remote app is one of the best universal remote control apps in 2020. It has reached more than 70 million downloads on PlayStore. Like other apps, it also features various applications. It turns your smartphone into a remote where you can control appliances such as the TV, Air Conditioner, Set up boxes and devices. However, the app only works with smartphones that use an inbuilt IR-blaster.

If you’re looking for tv remote app without wifi, one can use any of these apps on your smartphone.

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