10 Best App Locks for Android in 2021 (Privacy Lock Apps)

Android devices are used by the majority of smartphone users, every smartphone is having applications for various kinds of activities. Although there are several requirements of privacy for installed applications on Android devices. Few of the applications are providing app locking feature by the developer itself, in case any of the applications are not having app lock feature then you can always use app lock applications for Android devices. App Lock basically provides security to your application, so that no one can accept your application without authorization.

10 Best App Locks for Android Devices:

In case you are interested in using the App Lock application on your Android devices, we have listed the 10 best AppLock in this article for you.

1) AppLock by DoMobile Labs:

DoMobile Labs developer develops the best AppLock application for Android devices. basically, you can lock any application or games available on your Android devices. This app lock is having several features which include fingerprint support, protection from uninstalling, etc. Protecting your application, you can either use pattern, Passcode, fingerprint, etc. This application is also having the ability to lock various Android functions, you can lock system functions like enabling Bluetooth, incoming calls and even protect you from uninstalling the application without your authorization.

This application is having two versions, you can either use the free version which is having annoying ads and a few of the advanced features are not unlocked. You can use the provision of the application for having the complete advanced functional locks along with knowing ads in your Android devices. We provide the download link in this article below for downloading the application in your Android device. You just need to lock the selected applications from the AppLock and choose the protection type and you are good to go.

Click Here to Download -> AppLock by DoMobile Labs.

2) Applock – Fingerprint Pro:

If you want any effective app lock application and you want to lock applications using the fingerprint, then Applock – Fingerprint Pro is the right app for you. As the name already clarified that the application is available in the premium version, you can purchase this device by spending $4.99. In case your Android device is having a fingerprint sensor, then you can use this app lock application for protecting your applications installed in your Android device.

Not only you can use the fingerprint for protection, but you can also use the password and pattern like any other AppLock application. There are several advanced features available in the application which includes image vault and various other features. In case You are not satisfied with the Applock – Fingerprint Pro Application, then you can always request the refund within a certain period of time purchase.

Click Here to Download -> Applock – Fingerprint Pro.

3) AppLock by IvyMobile:

AppLock by IvyMobile is one of the best app lock applications for Android devices, you can easily lock your media files in your Android devices using it. You can use the invisible pattern feature for protecting your privacy while unlocking the applications on your Android device. This application also provides you to use various themes and even change the icons of the applications.

You can hide this application in order to provide protection from unlocking the applications and in case someone is trying to access your device without authorization then the selfie camera will capture the images of the intruder. The application is available for free and you can download it from the link provided below.

Click Here to Download -> AppLock by IvyMobile.

4) App Lock: Fingerprint Password:

App Lock: Fingerprint Password is one of the neat and clean user interface app lock applications for Android devices. You can use various locking methods for locking the installed applications, the application is available for free but you can always download the premium version which provides various advanced features.

Click Here to Download -> App Lock: Fingerprint Password.

5) AppLocker:

BGNmobl develops an AppLocker application for locking installed applications in games on your Android devices. Just like any other AppLock application available in this list, the application provides all the similar features including protection from uninstalling applications without authorization. There are many more features available in this application which you can try from the link provided below of this article.

Click Here to Download -> AppLocker

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6) Perfect App Lock:

Perfect App Lock is one of the famous AppLock applications which supports locking up all the system features. The application is available in two versions, although the application is having similar features only difference is that the premium version is not having any advertisement.

Click Here to Download -> Perfect App Lock

7) Norton App Lock:

Norton is mainly famous for anti-virus applications, but they have also developed a Norton app lock application for protecting your installed applications on Android devices. It is one of the best AppLock application which is having similar features which is available in other App lock applications.

Click Here to Download -> Norton App Lock

8) Smart AppLock:

Smart AppLock is one of the best and free AppLock applications you can find for your Android devices. You can protect your application along with various system settings and features by this application. The application automatically restarts its features once you reboot your device, the application is also having fingerprint features. Although once you uninstall this application from your Android device then all the protection will be bypassed easily.

Click Here to Download -> Smart AppLock

9) SpSoft AppLock

SpSoft AppLock is another application that provides protection of your applications installed in your Android device using various locking methods. The application also provides fake errors and messages once any unauthorized access is done to your application. Install the application from the link provided below of this article.

Click Here to Download -> SpSoft AppLock

10) Smart Launcher 5:

Smart Launcher 5 is basically a launcher for Android devices, but it also provides you with app locking features. You can protect your applications using various security methods, not you can use this application as AppLock but you can also change the customization of your Android device.

Click Here to Download -> Smart Launcher 5

Wrapping Things Up:

Provide security to your Android applications by locking them in your Android device. We have collected various data about app locks for Android devices from the internet as well as from various active users and posted them in this article for you. We have also listed the 10 best App Lock applications for Android devices. Share this informative article with other Android users, so that we get to choose the best AppLock for Android devices by referring to this article.

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