1 in 2 Indians Get Fake News via Facebook and WhatsApp

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Despite claims made by Facebook that it is taking strict actions against fake Facebook pages and Accounts and is removing more than 10 Lakh fake accounts daily in India, a survey revealed that 1 in 2 Indians receive fake news via Facebook and WhatsApp daily. Both the platforms are used by millions of people to interact with friends and stay connected with each other, but in recent times lot of fake news have started circulating over FB & WhatsApp which has raised eyebrows from all around.

1 in 2 Indians Get Fake News via Facebook and WhatsApp

A survey conducted by online startup found that 53 percent of Indians receive fake news on Facebook and WhatsApp about the upcoming elections. Around 62 percent of people in India think that the upcoming election will be influenced by misleading information shared on social media. It is said that around 54 percent of people are of age group 18-25 years and everyone know that the youth is highly active on all social media platforms everyday.

Facebook is the biggest social media network in the world which acquired WhatsApp few years back. It is said that 96 percent of people receive fake news via WhatsApp. The giant messaging app is coming up with a new feature which will block Frequently Forwarded messages in the groups.

it is estimated that 900 million voters are influenced by fake news circiulated over Facebook and WhatsApp by receiving messages in personal chat or groups on daily basis.

Around 41 percent people said that they made an effort to search for the news on Google, Twitter to verify if the news is authentic or not and nearly 54 percent people say that they don’t get influenced by fake news.

Facebook said that it was working since 18 months to get rid of fake news so that Indian elections can be done in fair way without influencing people over fake new. Facebook last week removed over 700 pages and said they are going to remove more pages that run fake campaigns.


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