With so much madness over the roads you should have a dash cam fixed in your car. Dash cam are actually a very important device for every car owners doesn’t matter how well they drive, as accidents do not come with notice.
Below we have shared the 5 reason why you should get a dash cam installed in your car and before that if you don’t have a dash cam head over to campad electronics online store and order one for your self.

1.Driving Accidents
No one every accepts their fault when an accident takes place and the situation leads to a serious loud discussions , so to ignore that issue you can just get to dash cam recordings and look for the one who was at fault for the accident.
2.Parking Accidents
Since some of the dash cams cone with batteries ,you can leave then turned on even when the car is in parking so that in case some rash drivers puts a scratch on the sides you can later have a look at who did it.
3.Insurance Fraud Cases
People have found a new way of claiming false insurance by coming in front of the cars and getting themselves hit so that they can get the insurance claim for that, so to keep yourself self and to keep insurance company at profit you should have a dash cam. Installed.
4.Creating Memories
Yes dash cams are used by people in recording there memorable road trips , whether its with their family or a first road trip with friends,  the recordings from the dash cams help in cherishing the memory for life.
5.Showcase Skills
A dash cam can also be used to record drifts and other stunts from the side window. You must have seen a lot of videos over YouTube where the recording is done from inside the car,  its done with help of dash cams.