Internet has emerged as the most powerful medium for sharing your thoughts to the words and with time there have been number of blogging platforms brought up to make it easy for the bloggers to setup their own personal or professional , here today we are going to share the most popular blogging platforms in 2017 , some are free and some are not free but each one highly customisable  and number of themes available to give a awesome look to the blog,whether its about free blogger templates or choosing among the  best tumblr themes in 2017 , you get a large pool of options out there.

List of 5 most popular blogging platforms in 2017 :
1. WordPress
2. Blogspot
3. Tumblr
4. Medium
5. Ghost

WordPress: WordPress by far is the most popular and powerful platform which is  powering more than 23% of the total blogs running.It comes with number of plugins which makes the tasks easy but the only con of the platform is that it is not free and minimal cost of starting blogs starts from $50.

Blogger: Blogspot is very popular among newbies and almost every blogger starts his blogging journey with blog spot ,reason why it is so popular is because it is powered by google and is completely free to use until you decide to get a custom domain for your self which you can get as low as $1.

Tumblr: Tumblr is again a very popular platform in united states,its clean , fast and is a great way to start you personal blog.You can easily post,pictures,texts,gifs , Its different from other blogging platforms due to its catchy looks  and is very simple to use for any new blogger

Medium:Medium has emerged as a very popular blogging platform in past few years due to its ease of use and it free features but the main problem with this platform is that it do not offers a custom domain you have to work with the domain provided by them plus you do not have the option to choose any template,every blogger has to work with same medium template.

Ghost: this is indeed a simpler version of wordpress and it also needs some hosting to run , but in case you just want to learn blogging then you can start by signing up there without opting for any hosting,The hosting price starts from $8 and can rise up to any amount depending upon the number of blogs you want to run.