Month: December 2017

Nokia C9 – Next Android from Nokia [ specs leaked ]

Nokia was one of the largest mobile manufacturer at the time and no other company was as preffered brand as Nokia. But the decesion of not moving on to the android segment by nokia brought its downfall and it new lumia series was even not able to save it from going into the hands of microsoft which is not able to bring quite a change in lumia devices. 

Now for the fan of Nokia devices who want to own a Nokia devices and also wants a android device can do both things in a single nokia device. Yes Nokia is coming back in the market with its android mobile named to Android C9. 

About the release date and pricing of the Nokia C9 nothing is known yet but in the spcifications side we have have some rumored specifications here for you. So lets have a look at them:
Nokia C9 is likely to have a full metal body giving it a shiny look but we hope that dosent weight much to hold.
Nokia C9 will be powered with Snapdragon 820 64-bit quad core processor which is definately a powerful processor as seen in the android devices powered by same.
Nokia C9 will comes with a rear 21 megapixel camera and a 8mp camera present at the front for the wonderful selfies
Nokia C9 will come with a whooping 4GB of Ram which would help the users to enjoy a complete lag free experience.
The nokia c9 will be available in the 32Gb/64gb/128gb of internal storage options
Battery will be removable but nothing is been yet known for the capacity it will carry
So these are the full specifications as rumored but we can put a final mark to them as what comes in box will be revealed only when the phone will be launched so we advice you to take these rumors just as rumors.
source-Android Headlines

5 Reasons to have a Dash Cam in Car

With so much madness over the roads you should have a dash cam fixed in your car. Dash cam are actually a very important device for every car owners doesn’t matter how well they drive, as accidents do not come with notice.
Below we have shared the 5 reason why you should get a dash cam installed in your car and before that if you don’t have a dash cam head over to campad electronics online store and order one for your self.

1.Driving Accidents
No one every accepts their fault when an accident takes place and the situation leads to a serious loud discussions , so to ignore that issue you can just get to dash cam recordings and look for the one who was at fault for the accident.
2.Parking Accidents
Since some of the dash cams cone with batteries ,you can leave then turned on even when the car is in parking so that in case some rash drivers puts a scratch on the sides you can later have a look at who did it.
3.Insurance Fraud Cases
People have found a new way of claiming false insurance by coming in front of the cars and getting themselves hit so that they can get the insurance claim for that, so to keep yourself self and to keep insurance company at profit you should have a dash cam. Installed.
4.Creating Memories
Yes dash cams are used by people in recording there memorable road trips , whether its with their family or a first road trip with friends,  the recordings from the dash cams help in cherishing the memory for life.
5.Showcase Skills
A dash cam can also be used to record drifts and other stunts from the side window. You must have seen a lot of videos over YouTube where the recording is done from inside the car,  its done with help of dash cams.

Best Blogging Platforms to start your Blogging Journey in 2017

Internet has emerged as the most powerful medium for sharing your thoughts to the words and with time there have been number of blogging platforms brought up to make it easy for the bloggers to setup their own personal or professional , here today we are going to share the most popular blogging platforms in 2017 , some are free and some are not free but each one highly customisable  and number of themes available to give a awesome look to the blog,whether its about free blogger templates or choosing among the  best tumblr themes in 2017 , you get a large pool of options out there.

List of 5 most popular blogging platforms in 2017 :
1. WordPress
2. Blogspot
3. Tumblr
4. Medium
5. Ghost

WordPress: WordPress by far is the most popular and powerful platform which is  powering more than 23% of the total blogs running.It comes with number of plugins which makes the tasks easy but the only con of the platform is that it is not free and minimal cost of starting blogs starts from $50.

Blogger: Blogspot is very popular among newbies and almost every blogger starts his blogging journey with blog spot ,reason why it is so popular is because it is powered by google and is completely free to use until you decide to get a custom domain for your self which you can get as low as $1.

Tumblr: Tumblr is again a very popular platform in united states,its clean , fast and is a great way to start you personal blog.You can easily post,pictures,texts,gifs , Its different from other blogging platforms due to its catchy looks  and is very simple to use for any new blogger

Medium:Medium has emerged as a very popular blogging platform in past few years due to its ease of use and it free features but the main problem with this platform is that it do not offers a custom domain you have to work with the domain provided by them plus you do not have the option to choose any template,every blogger has to work with same medium template.

Ghost: this is indeed a simpler version of wordpress and it also needs some hosting to run , but in case you just want to learn blogging then you can start by signing up there without opting for any hosting,The hosting price starts from $8 and can rise up to any amount depending upon the number of blogs you want to run.